In with the new out with the old!

Oh What Beautiful Morning! Oh What a Beautiful Day! Everything's Coming Up Roses Everything's Going My Way! I imagine that I'll have the best nights sleep I've had in the last eight years. You never knew what that jackass was going to do when no one was watching. I woke up every morning for eight years with a feeling of foreboding. But tonight! ...more

Enjoing the fantabulous fatloss with fatabsorb

Welcome to the blogging world of Linda! It’s been great weekend in Washington and world looks much brighter with every stream of warm sunshine entering my windows. Life was not the same as it was today and there was something disturbing that let me down. It was all those troublesome years when I was yelling and crying for my obese looks. Desperate to core, I was eventually fed-up with every possible solutions but nothing worked well for me. Fat Absorb changed my life and so my attitude that there can be end to excessive weight in ...more


Saturday, January 17, 2009 ...more

Wedding Photography Giveaway

Know someone who is getting married and (perhaps due to the economy) can't find the budget for excellent wedding photography? Our good friend Bob Sutton of Bob Sutton Photography is giving away 2 free weddings! has done photos of us and many of our friends, check out some of his work here.He is one of the best photographers I have seen - these packages are worth a lot! So if you know someone who would be blessed by these giveaways, please pass this on! ...more

The tools make the artist.

The tools an artist chooses to use define not only the process but also the results. Three tools have been especially formative to me: a digital SLR camera, a specific kind of flat varnish brush, and acrylic paints. ...more

A Photo a Day: 2009 in Pictures

The new year is 11 days old and if you take a picture, it'll last longer - I promise. In fact, take 365 (Or 354 now, I guess) and it'll feel like a lovely, photographed eternity. Go on. Do it. ...more

I won't even try. I just don't have the time. I set a goal once to take a photo a day for a ...more

4 Reasons Why Women May Very Well Make Better Photographers

For the longest time, we have gotten used to the idea that a male figure would pop up in our heads when we think of a photographer. Even at this time, most of us probably do. ...more
I'm inclined to agree with this article. From a male model's view I've had the best experiences ...more