Today's iPhone Polaroid - Wine Tasting at Sones Cellars

Here is today's iPhone polaroid. I took it while wine tasting at Sones Cellars in Santa Cruz, California. I try to do one iPhone polaroid a day....more

Today's iPhone Photography - First Tulips of 2010

My resolutions for the new year areDance Every Day, Flowers Every Week, Fun Adventure Every MonthI also try to take an iPhone polaroid every day. Here is today's picture - week two's flowers....more

Photographing Body Parts

Information on how to photograph the important people in your life.  Check out:,Janice SullivanSullivan J Photography

I'm Back, Baby!

When I was younger I used to do some modelling before college. I did it for a few years and then left the game. Today, I had a modelling gig. It was to promote a bar business. I scanned through the photos at the end of the shoot and they all turned out lovely- they won't go into distribution until next week so I don't have any pictures to show you at this time. I'm super happy to have done the gig. The photos are a little risqué so I'll post the tame ones up here. Short post, I know, but if my family or Danny's family didn't read this I'd go into more detail. ...more

A trip to the nursery...

Today I took a trip to the plant nursery, to buy a lemon tree, of all things. This little nursery tripped turned into a photo session :PBut why not, nature is amazing :)...more

"Day" of Resolutions

Well, another year is gone. Is it this the end of a decade or the beginning of one? I mean usually you start counting at one and finish at 10 but I guess you might start counting at zero and end at 9. And how do we refer to the year? It was '97 and '01, but it sounds weird just saying "ten". It almost sounds better to say "oh-ten". "Twenty-ten" is too many syllables but probably sounds the least stupid so I guess we'll all stick with that. Again, I am getting caught up in the details.So what did everyone else do for saying good by to 2009? Me?...more

New Year's Resolutions and Using Art Journals to Achieve Them

A few months ago, I wrote about my methods for art journaling here on BlogHer.  I started journaling summer of 2009, and have remained an avid journaler; during this time, I've been really pleased at how productive I've become, both in my day-to-day life and in therefore making strides toward achieving my long term goals.   And so this week, I thought I'd share some of my tips, particularly for those of you who might not yet journal (or are just starting out), that may help you stay focused on your New Year's resolutions for 2010....more

Day 3: In this house we are cowboys fans.

Recap:My New Years Resolution was a challenge to myself to take a photo everyday and  tell the story of my little life. I hope you'll still stop by as I document 2010....more

New Years Resolution 2010

I suck at them.  I never stick to them....more