Out of Africa III

 Out of Africa III ...more

Please also read parts I and II on my blog for the full ...more

Cleaning the family grave and other Breton adventures

I just got home from a trip to France to visit my grandmother. It's something that my mother and I do about once year. For whatever reason, this time it was really clear to me how differently we two see Bubry and the country as a whole. For my mother, Bubry is where she grew up, day in and day out. For me, it's a place full of warm and fuzzy childhood memories of my grandparents spoiling me for one month out of every year. ...more

Free Contest to win a FREE HD Camcorder

I saw that there was a recent post on here about a free camera contest, well guess what ladies?! I found ANOTHER FREE Camera Contest! Best thing about it? They give a camera away every month!  http://www.hdcameraguide.com/guide/ HD Camera Guide gives away a FREE HD Camcorder each month. ...more

Delightfully Sweet

Hi, I’m Danielle or as you on the web know me “Delightfully Sweet”.   I am currently navigating my way through my early thirties trying to show the myself, my kitchen, and the world what I am made of.  ...more

In Search of Whimsy and Some Inspiration Too

For this week I want to focus on people that made me smile, gave me hope or fed my brain cells. These folks reminded me that fun, creativity and exploration are worthy things to concentrate on when you get tired of reality television or adults behaving badly. ...more

I use to have thousands of bookmarks. I've lost thousand of them too. I'd camp out at sites ...more

Glorification of Pepper-Spray

why is it that men can have weapons that kill like guns, knives, bow n arrows but women only get pepper-spray?Today in ceramimics, a young lady about my age was working in the studio with me when another young lady like ourselves say her keys.*Oh my gosh, is that pepper-spray?*(me)Oh wow! It's pink!* Yeah, (chuckle) do you like it?At that point, I turned back around to continue throwing when I realized what had just happen.  I don't know if there is a word for it but{we all knew what it was}{we all knew why she had it}and...more

Right! Now if it looked like another key that would be cool and dangerous :)


The Impossible Polaroid Returns

The Impossible Project - formed to "re-invent and re-start production of analog INTEGRAL FILM for vintage Polaroid cameras" - may have accomplished just that....more

Beyond the nostalgia angle, I have to admit that I'm a little perplexed by the interest in ...more

Call for Halloween photos!

Every year, around this time, my neighbourhood starts to go crazy with the Halloween decorations.  "You'd think that it was a religious holiday!" I kvetch to my husband, as pumpkins start to appear on doorsteps, fake cobweb is hung in trees, and tiny little costumes (even some for the family pet!) start to fill the aisles of our local Target store.  "I don't get it." But secretly? ...more

I am like you, I am not much into Halloween decorating, unlike all of my neighbors.  I ...more

art journaling -- how I do it

While I was in Chicago for BlogHer this summer, I shared a hotel room with the amazing Jen Lee, one of the most beautiful writers I know in real life. As soon as we'd checked into our hotel, we wandered to a nearby grill for some much-needed lunch, and our conversation turned to journaling. ...more

Karen, this is awesome. Thanks for this topic.

Over the summer, I started doing some ...more

An artist's date

Keeping a date with an artist is an important part of my life.  Not the fantasy kind of date of extreme youth, but a date to appreciate the art that surrounds us, made by geniuses living or dead.  With a little planning, I can be at a museum or a play, a movie or a concert or a festival, soaking in the output of creative souls. ...more