Toronto's Nuit Blanche

If you are in the Toronto area this weekend you must head downtown to check out Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche Toronto 2009. At sunset on October 3 until sunrise the next morning the city will be transformed by art installations from close to 500 artists. Best of all, it's all free. ...more

Photography: autumn colour week

As a photographer myself, I look for inspiration everywhere -- and often, there's nothing like a really good meme to help.  I've been doing Love Thursday for years -- encouraging people to share their images (and words) that depict love -- and there are many others out there that encourage photographers to stretch their creative muscle a bit.  But there's one that has caught my eye this week -- and it's just in time for autumn....more

Talk2theAnimals Digital Photo Contest Ends Today, 9/30/09!

This is it, folks!  The 1st Annual Talk2theAnimals Photo Contest is over today, September 30th, 2009 at 11:59 PM CDT.  You've got a few short hours left to get your pictures entered so you and your pet can ...more


Labelingto name, or tag--to attach label to or to classify as Why do we label?Is it to place things and people into categories to better know them or as a dismissal?Once something or someone has been labeled--do we go back and reevaluate them?a fruit that is oblong in shape, has a firm outer layer, and is green then turns more yellow and ultimately brown as it ripens -- a Banana or a type of banana--there is no reason to disbute this but when it comes to people-we are not as clear cut...more

This Little Water Kitten Needs a Sweet Home

After the flood here in Tennessee, Doug found a kitten looking confused and running around in the muck. She let him pick her up, and we brought her in. She's been purring ever since. We will be staying with a friend soon while we look for a different place to live, and adding to our pet party is not really appropriate at the moment....more

Just me!

Hello, I'm new to this. I hope I meet alot of new people. :o) So, again, a BIG HELLO all! Lisa...more

National Public Lands Day & Environmental Education

National Public Lands Day & Environmental Education Tomorrow, September 26, 2009 is 16th Annual celebration of National Public Lands Day. Public lands are all of those lands that belong to the public such as parks, forests, grasslands, scenic by-ways and waterways. These public lands include state parks, nature reserves, national forests and parks and other public monuments. Each of these public lands have 5 things in common 1. They are owned by everyone and no one. Each citizen has a stake in its health but no one person can claim it for his or her own. ...more

First the workout, then the eats, but what's with the Photography?

Today’s workout, even though it was Friday, was simply weights.  I used to designate Friday as my official day off working out no matter what. But since I’m doing the new program, things had to change.  Besides, I was looking forward to a HUGE but healthy breakfast..         ...more

The Value of an Engagement Photo Session

Wedding photographers are not generic — they’re very much an individual “brand” you need to know and trust — before the wedding! You can look at their samples, check out their prices, their references and contact the B.B.B.  But what will they do to get to know  you before they start shooting photos at  your wedding?...more