Did Kourtney & Kim TAKE New York?

I'll admit it, I'm a Kardashian Family fan. I haven't watched religiously from the beginning of their "reality life," but I've kept up throughout the years. I got on board immediately with "Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami" and actually enjoyed every episode. So obviously, "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" was programmed on my DVR to record. ...more
I thought the Turks killed all the Armenians looks like I heard wrongmore

Snooki and the Book Signing by Brian Leiken

Snooki and the Book Signing by Brian Leiken Snooki isn't a name....more

Judge Judy: 10 Things I've Learned from Her

A couple of months ago, during a TV lull, I sat down and watched Judge Judy.  Now, I'm about as much a fan of judge shows as much as I am of watching Jerry Springer announce the name of the baby daddy while two women get into a fistfight over the loser....more
Judge Judy does irreparable damage to the legal system in this country. Not to mention the fact ...more

5 Things You Need to Know About the ‘New’ Bachelor, Brad Womack

By Kari Arneson for Cupid's Pulse...more

The Sing-Off Finale: Christmas Hookers, Community Service and (Oh, Yeah) Singing

A satisfying ending to a sleeper (personal) hit! After what seems like a very short "season," here we are at the finale. The voting already happened, so Monday night's performances were all for show. As always, they kick off with a group number, this time: "Put a Little Love in Your Heart." Really? What a weird choice. It was all very "meh" until the end when the judges got involved, and one person from each group was pulled out to do a nice little harmonic ending together....more

I was surprised that this was a two hour show. The top of the second hour was a repeat of the ...more

The Sing-Off recap: The Top Five, Down to Four, Down to...?

Last Wednesday's episode of The Sing-Off featured medleys and judges' choice songs...and a surprise in the final round! Now it's America's choice: Who should win the finals this week?...more

The Sing-Off Recap Round Three: The Top Six Take On Rock Hits, Guilty Pleasures

First of all, I gotta say...and I know you feel m: It's really nice to see such a talented bunch of performers...and although a little heavy on the guys, a pretty diverse bunch. < p>The show kicked off with a Group Number: All six groups singing Green Day's "21 Guns". Pretty impressive to pull of an acapella number with that many people across that big a stage. First, a rock hit, then a "guilty pleasure" song. 1. The Backbeats ...more

The Sing-Off Recap: Episode #2 Takes Me By Surprise

I think The Sing-Off is my sleeper TV hit of the winter! The second episode brought a capella rap, strong harmonies and some terrific arrangements as the top eight singing groups took on current pop hits (including two we *just* saw on Glee.. ...more

...if audience voting was going to be involved. Glad to hear it too. But I actually like judges ...more

"The Sing-Off" Recap: Is This Real-Life "Glee?"

Well, it's certainly better singing than we've heard on American Idol or America's Got Talent lately, I will totally give them that! I'm a choir geek, but I've never quite achieved full Gleek status. I love the singing on Glee, but often find the storylines less compelling...when they exist at all. So, really, The Sing-Off is the perfect show for me...all of the singing, none (or very little) of the manufactured drama, usually featuring a neurotic or shrewish woman. ...more

Yes, I like her a lot too!

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Can't Stand The Hate: Cutting BridalPlasty Down To Size

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