Project Runway Recap: The Top 7 Unleash the Floodgates

Seriously, dudes, Project Runway isn't supposed to make me cry. Over and over. ...more

Mondo has been my favorite designer for a while now, but his bravery this week was astounding. ...more

Dancing With the Stars Recap: The Top Eleven...Nearly Killed by a Dance!

After last week's "shocking" elimination of David Hasselhoff (and remember: They didn't tell us who was also in the bottom 2), all bets were off tonight. It was like a fresh start for everyone. Some made the most of it. Some? Not so much. ...more

Michael Bolton was just terrible. It hurt to watch.

Jennifer Grey is the only one I can see ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 8 and the $20,000 Eyeshadow

This week's episode starts with all the boys moving in together. This makes Andy very happy, since he's been "alone in a room with Michael C. for a while now", and he's really glad to have people around that he "trusts". Seriously. I liked Andy in the beginning, but in his own super-subtle way, he is the cattiest one of all!! Andy, honey, I can assure you: Michael doesn't trust you either. (I guess I don't have to call him Michael C. now, since Michael D. is gone, so he'll be just Michael from now on.) ...more

she is a one note - all of her looks, to me, resemble each other...and she whines and picks on ...more

First Reaction: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Are American Idol Judges

The rumors have been confirmed. The results are in, so to speak: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will join Randy Jackson as judges for the impending season of American Idol. ...more

All of you sound intrigued enough to tune in, so I guess we have to say the selection of new ...more

Of Red Lights, Cell Phones and Kim Kardashian

The universe is a complex and mysterious place.  Sometimes, like when I'm sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green, I like to ponder it all.  You know, those questions that seem like there is no easy answer.  Things like:Why is it that when I'm in a hurry I hit every single red light?orWhy does my cell phone quit ringing the instant I fish it out of my p...more

Project Runway Recap: Jackie Kennedy's Camel Toe

"I do not think 'Jackie O.'s style' means what you think it means." This week the designers had what should have been a fairly straightforward challenge, and came up empty-handed. Perhaps after weeks of having to act excited about calling people like Kristin Bell and Selma Blair "style icons" they just didn't know what to do with a real one, namely: Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Image courtesy Lifetime ...more

This week was a perfect example of fabric choice making or breaking an outfit. Mondo's choice ...more

TLC's "Sister Wives" Brings Polygamy to Reality TV

When it comes to polygamy or men with multiple wives, you can put me down solidly on the side of thinking: WTF!? My feminist hackles rise, my righteous indignation flares and I start to spout off about religions created by men, run by men, that promote men presiding over multiple women, keeping those women in degradation and oppression. ...more

The Utah authorities can't be seen to be ignoring a situation that is now so public. It'll be ...more

"Project Runway" Recap: The Top 8 Go Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

And I bet I'm the ONLY one to pull out that bon mot, right? Last week, Michael C. shocked the world, or at least his fellow Project Runway designers, by winning his second challenge. Even designers who don't make a full-time job out of being nasty seem to find Michael fair game. Instead of a lightning rod, he's a nasty rod. Which sounds really dirty. I'm sorry. So when Michael C. says that "None of them were happy" when he won, and that it hurt, I had to wonder: Was he surprised? ...more

I totally agree with you. I so want Michael C to win, if only because it means that Gretchen ...more

Why Do We Love Reality TV Stars? They're Accessible.

Teen Mom, Sister Wives, the Real Housewives, the Roloffs, the Duggars, the Kardashians and let's not forget Jon and/or Kate and The 8: Reality show families are hotter than Movie Stars. It's true: CNN says so. ...more

Ha! Great post & so true!! I never thought about why realty stars are so intriguing but you make ...more