Mommy's TV Time

I tried to watch Homeland the other day and I had to rewind the first five minutes five times, before I turned it off.  Not because it isn’t a great show.  I’m sure it is.  I couldn’t watch it because of my attention span.  After having my four-year-old, my attention span is that of, well…a four-year-old.   ...more

An Open Letter To Honey Boo Boo's Mama

Dear June,Like many Americans, I've been tuning in each week to follow your family's adventures on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and discover interesting things like how to bob for pigs' feet, harvest road kill, and make a homemade slip-N-slide with an old tarp, a hose, and a bottle of baby oil....more
Honey B B is my favorite TV show. In case no one has noticed, there doesn't seem to be an ...more

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Final Performance Show

Welcome to the confusing performance finale of So You Think You Can Dance. Confusing because: Didn't they ask us to vote for these final four after last week's episode? What is going to happen to those votes? Will they be added in together? That makes sense, but they certainly didn't say so. Perhaps they will address next week. I hope so.©2012 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose...more
I guess America got it right but I love Tiffany and wish she could have won too.more

So You Think You can Dance: Top 6 Perform, Top 4 Revealed

Welcome back to #SYTYCD, and it's all on you now, people! Meaning no more judges saves. It's all America voting now.Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined by Christina Applegate as guest judge (and yes, she has some real cred as a dancer, having toured as Charity in the Bob Fosse-choreographed Sweet Charity).Last night each dancer danced once with an All-Star, once with a fellow semi-finalist, and once solo. We got to see a lot of them, in other words.So, let's get started:...more
I so wanted whitney to be in the final with because I think Eliana and her were the strongest ...more

Interview: "Beverly Hills Nannies" Kristin Spills The Beans

 If you've read my blog, you know that I am obsessed with the new reality series Beverly Hills Nannies. So obsessed, in fact, that they totally rank up there with my Real Housewives addiction. HUGE!...more

Project Runway Top 10: Ven Vengeance Brings Me Back to the Recaps!

I confess, Project Runway fans. I have been filled with ennui this season. All the angst, abrupt departures, and arrogant attitudes have worn me down. They've made me feel less excited to recap the show...and there hasn't been any awesome fashion to counterbalance the negativity. ...more
regardless of everything you are an amazing designer.  You and young lady they let go last week ...more

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 10 Meet The All-Stars

The show opens with a Tyce Diorio routine that's a tribute to Gene Kelly. Missed why. What I didn't miss was that Tyce himself was dancing, and it was clear Cole wasn't doing much. They referred to him as "slightly injured", but you couldn't tell at all when his number came along. I thought it might be an overall evening about Gene Kelly. But no, pity....more

So You Think You Can Dance: 14 Perform, the Top 10 Emerges

It's a very special episode of #SYTYCD. Yes, it's Mia Michaels night…but don't get too excited. These aren't going to be new routines. They're classic Mia routines that have already been done in previous seasons. Hmmm.Part of me thinks it will be awesome to see these again, part of me thinks it won't really serve the current contestants. As it turns out, I am right on both counts.The guest judges joining Nigel and Mary are Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt (aka the Ballet Boys, who I am not enough of a dance aficionado to have heard of).And away we go!...more
 @Elisa Camahort Ooh! Wade Robson night would be *fun.* There are a few NappyTabs numbers that I ...more