Canceling Reality: TV’s Aid in Dismantling America’s Reality -- A Revisit

I wrote this essay back in 2002, and it's been about 10 years since I've read it. It's interesting to see just how much reality TV has exploded in the 10 years since this was written. And I admit I'm scared to know if this crazy, "accident on the highway" genre of TV can grow bigger in the future ... and how it can.||||| ...more

Bachelor Pad Recap: Things Are Getting Weird (and Awkward).

Photo courtesy of ABCAfter the rose ceremony, the house was reeling over the ouster of Donna Reid (get it? Super-Fan Donna and Still-Obsessed-with-Jillian Reid? Bah-dum-dum!)...more

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 16 Perform and Two Go Home

We're back, and the Top 16 will perform tonight (including new couple Amber and Brandon) even though we already know who will be in the Bottom Six from last week. Christina Applegate is back as Guest Judge. And she loves this show and dancing and dancers very very much.1. Tiffany and George danced a Hip Hop routine by Tabitha and Napoleon...more
I still had this episode on my DVR so during the Olympics I watched it again.  It was really ...more

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: They All Dance, then Four Go Home

Welcome to week #2 of #SYTYCD, and I think I'm getting how this season will work, with no results show, but America still getting to vote. Each week everyone will dance, even though the votes are already in on who the bottom folks are.After all the dancing, they'll announce the bottom folks. At which point the judges can still decide to have some of them dance for their lives, or they can just make a decision right then and there. Got it? Good....more
I love that BlogHer is blogging about SYTYCD! Haha :)more

New Reality Show, I'm Having Their Baby, Falls Short

I wasn't going to acknowledge OXYGEN's new "reality" show, I'm Having Their Baby. I deleted emails and avoided the subject as a whole. Ignoring the show doesn't make it go away, much like the denial of grief and loss doesn't magically make a birth mother happy and whole again, so I decided to take one for the team and watch the screeners of the show which premieres next Monday, July 23, 2012. There were some good things, there were lots of bad things and, when it comes down to it, adoption reform now needs to encompass the way "reality" shows portray adoption, because they sure aren't doing our efforts any favors....more
I have seen the show but not like it , its the fake showmore

Looks for Less: Reality TV Style

I watch way too much Reality TV than I would ever want to admit. I guess you can say it's my guilty pleasure. But what I love most is the never ending evolution of style among the most popular reality personalities.There was once a time they all used to walk their dogs in sweats and uggs, but after scoring a TV deal and hiring a stylist, those days are few and far between. They are a great source of style inspiration... [well, some of them atleast] Here are a few of my favorites:...more
☝ Proof that there is still hope for humankind. :)more

American Idol Recap: It's the Finals, Idol Fans!!

Will this be Year Five in a row with a sensitive white guy winner? Yeah, I said it. Season 11 has been strong, but without someone who made me go "wow!" As we're down to the finals, I wonder who I might have preferred to see there, and other than thinking that Elise is way more intriguing and interesting than we ever really got to see, I can't come up with better. Not from the finalists we ended up with anyway. How about you? Any discarded favorites along the way?There were three rounds on this quick one-hour episode....more
@Neilochka Oh, yeah. And The Economist, too,... because I'm totally highbrow. ;)more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Finals are Here! The Finals are Here!

A Fantastic Top Three Go For the Mirror Ball Trophy.I admit I was sad to see Maria go, but it's hard to argue with any of these finalists. And I'm finding it very hard to predict what will happen, don't you think? So let's dig right in! 1. William and Cheryl...more
@cctate @ElisaC yup, his freestyle won it for him.more

American Idol Recap: The Top Three Sing Three

And mostly live in the past...Last night was the penultimate performance show for American Idol season 11, and I will say what I've been saying most of the season: These contestants are really quite talented, but I don't really have a favorite. How can that be? Last night's show was a good example why. Each Idol has something I really like, and something that leaves me cold. And the song choices…all season long, and last night in particular…have been really old school and played out. I mean, that's nothing new for Idol, but it has seemed more boring to me this year....more
I was surprised until I remembered my own wisdom from a couple of years ago. You have to think ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Final Four

Four Couples, Two Dances, Two Female Stars, Two Male StarsWe're down to the wire, and this is…I have to agree with the hype…the best matched semi-final ever. They're all talented, and while I might have a personal favorite or two, I really won't be upset with any Top 3…will you?Each couple did two dances, and here's how it went down: 1. William and Cheryl ...more