"Like a Telly Tubby Gone Mad!"

I don't usually blog about TV, but since I don't have students tomorrow, I stayed up to watch all of Dancing With the Stars.  And, ooooh was I in for a surprise! http://codyjean.blogspot.com/ ...more

Jason, Stop With The Friggin' Apologies Already!

Back when The Bachelorette, DeAnna dumped Jason for the young skateboarder, Jesse, I thought, "Girlfriend, what have you done?" Well, it's apparent that Jason Mesnick got over his heartbreak and went for the gusto himself by signing on for this latest Bachelor 'woman drama'. I have truly had about enough of seeing these folks All over the talk show circuit. There have been folks up in arms because Jason Mesnick dumped Molly at the finale of The Bachelor. He'd chosen Melissa, asking her to accept the final rose... ...more

I'm a Winner and much, much more!

Yes, I'm a winner. I am remiss in not announcing this sooner but just got wrapped up in travel, doctor appointments and stuff. I'm a bad, bad girl. ...more

Just another day in the universe!

What a week I have had.  I'm so very glad it is Thursday and I have the day off, at least most of it.  I have to work for an hour or so and got to sleep in this AM.  It's 9:15 or so and I'm still in my jammies blogging, reading blogs and thinking about hitting the shower.  Read more about my day in the universe here. ...more

NeNe from Real Housewives of ATL talks to ME about Domestic Violence, Chris Brown and Rihanna

"My Life Without You" I begged you on hands and knees to try to live with me in peace, seem ...more

New MTV Series "How's Your News?" Rises Above

MTV, "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and people with disabilities. These are not things one would naturally associate, to say the least. So could any project uniting those disparate forces result in anything other than epic disaster of the angry-mob-with-torches-producing variety, you might wonder? Surprising as it may sound, and against all logic, reason, and odds, yes. Yes it could. ...more

As an ongoing advocate for people with disabilities, I think this series has huge potential. ...more

My Body Muse

I know lots of people cut out pictures of models, athletes or celebrities and stick them to the wall as a diet and exercise motivator. Oprah has a picture Madonna’s Vanity Fair cover in her gym to keep her motivated. I was never one of those people until I saw Malory Snyder in JCrew. ...more

The Mother Of The Octuplets Speaks

And to think, she doesn't even have an Apu with a milk bag!! This woman is SCREWED! (although... not literally) ...more

The Millionaire Matchmaker

File this one under things I find mildly offensive but normally wouldn't feel such vehement disdain for were it not for the current precarious fiscal situation that we find ourselves in. Again, under NORMAL circumstances, I wouldn't become enraged by flagrant flaunting with a lovely scoop of blatant disregard for 'strong' women on top. But this isn't a normal time and Bravo suddenly has me a bit mystified. ...more

This matchmaker is pathetic. First of all, she does follow her own advice with the straight hair ...more

Playmobil, Pinocchio, & other Play things

Well, today I discovered that Hans Beck, the German creator of those little Playmobil figures died. It’s almost like hearing that Charles Schulz finally passed away, the creator of Snoopy. You'd think they could just keep on creating forever (and, in the case of Playmobil, I imagine they will). And, it started me thinking of how many things we grew up with, which, in America, everyone simply believes is American. Like Prince ...more