American Idol Recap: The Top 4 Serenade California

And not one Katy Perry song among them! The premise last night was that each Idol would sing one song in tribute to California (if there was a reason for this tribute I missed it) and one song that they wished they had written. I like that approach because theoretically it's about craft and talent, as opposed to pure treacly "inspiration". I'm not sure it really worked out that way, but I could see the possibilities....more
 @Nordette Adams LOL, it was pretty dire.more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 6 Engage in Threesomes

Come on, they had to expect the jokes, right?This week the top 6 performed two dances: a Ballroom Round and a Threesome Round. (Sorry, Trio Round, whatevs.) For the latter round, the Pro invited another Pro (either from the troupe or an eliminated Pro) to dance with them.Here's how it went down.1. Donald and PetaBallroom Round: The Tango. He's got the intensity. He's got good posture. He's got sharp feet. He really leads. He could work on straightening his legs better when it's called for, but I enjoy his work. And his work ethic....more
@ElisaC I agree with your bottom two. Also did not understand the triple 10s. Totally with you ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 5 Are Down to the Wire

And it's a nice crop of talented youngsters.This week Jimmy Iovine brought Little Steven as a mentor, so most of their mentoring seemed to consist of them ribbing each other and ignoring the Idols. Not sure how helpful that was....more
@ElisaC I agree, Phillip was off pitch in #2 and can't stand those shoes on the girls!!!! they ...more

Women are Destroying Humanity One Insult or Injury at a Time

Women are Destroying Humanity One Insult or Injury at a Time...more

American Idol Recap: The Top Six Sing Twice, Succeed Once

 At least, that's my take on how they all did.This week, after Colton's "shocking" elimination, the remaining 6 Idols were tasked with singing one round of Queen, one round of whatever they chose. Each idol had one great performance, and one not-so-great.And there were lots and lots of extremely high-heeled shoes. Seriously it really bothers me…the female contestants seem hobbled…in the Misery sense....more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 8 "Get Down to Motown"

Will a Motown Queen get sent home on "her" week?This week's Dancing with the Stars was a tribute to Motown and featured performances from a relentlessly unblinking Smoky Robinson, an underused Martha Reeves, a still-got-it Temptations and a few words from an AMAZING looking Barry Gordy…seriously, where is his painting in the attic?...more
 @Patton Hmm. Good questions. I think right now the leading contenders have to be Katherine, ...more

Grosseries & Grotesqueries.

As you may have noticed, I have a keen, keen eye for assaults on my sense of hygienia, for egregious health hazards, and for downright disgustitudes. (As indeed have I a keen eye for spotting hand sani everywhere.)Today I was watching MTV's True Life, because, AWESOME. And this chick? who has a compulsive shopping habit? has THIS under her fingernails:...more

American Idol Recap: The Top Seven, All Over Again

After the "Dramatic" Save of Jessica Sanchez, the Top Seven Try Again with a "Now and Then" ThemeLots of folks were surprised by last week's bottom 3…well maybe not the Elise part of it, but the Jessica and Joshua part. I wasn't that surprised, because as I said in last week's recap: America hates being told who we're supposed to love. Joshua and Jessica have great vocal chops, but they don't actually have a ton of originality or authentic vulnerability. That's my explanation....more
FINALLY!  Someone else who recognizes the DMB vibe in Phillip Phillips.  I keep wondering why ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 7 Tackle Today's Music

It's a strong group remaining, no doubt about it.Last night the Idols were set to sing songs released from 2010 until today. Any song. Any genre. Jimmy Iovine brings Akon to co-mentor this week, and that didn't do a whole lot for me, to be honest. There were also more duets, only since the group wasn't divisible by two, there were two duets and one trio, which kinda sucked for the trio…less air time, yo!Let's dig in:1. Skylar sang Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You by Kellie Pickler...more
Elisa where is your post. Couldn't wait to see what you had to say. Are you posting before ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 10 Rock Out

Or, at least, they wear a lot of black leather while dancing.Last night was Rock Night…if you use the term "Rock" really really loosely. But you know, Kiss was there…that's Rock, right? And also, some "heavy metal legend" band that the S.O. and I had never heard of…is that wrong?Somehow 10 dances stretched into 2 hours, so let's dig in.1. Sherri and Val danced a Tango to Come On, Feel the Noise by Quiet Riot ...more
 @Elisa Camahort She crumbled totally with the ugly cry.  BUT what she said made lots of sense ...more