American Idol Recap: The Top 9 Sing Their Idols

And I have to say: Inspiration makes for good performances (and, maybe, so does a Stevie Nicks spell or two).This is the week that the Idols were supposed to sing their idols. Jimmy brought Stevie Nicks to mentor, and I just kinda love everything she does, so I was happy. And I was happy with the performances too, actually. It was much much tougher to call the bottom three this week (vs. last week, when I batted 1.000)...more
 @DebbieB Elise was definitely awesome. I don't think Deandre will last too much longer, but I ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 10 Sing Billy Joel

With his vast and diverse songbook I was looking for more from our Idols.It's Billy Joel week at American Idol, and I was pleased. I'm a huge fan and own every studio album the guy has released. He's done every genre, and he's a storyteller. This should have been a huge opportunity for each Idol to really shine.But half of them did not. Jimmy Iovine brought in Diddy to help, and I was wondering: Why not bring Billy?...more
I thought for sure Heejun. He was just making fun..not really serious. The one who continues ...more

Breakout Reality TV Star: "Big Ang"

Okay, truth: There are more important things on the horizon to talk about for Women's History Month. The truth is, I've always profiled empowering and awesome trailblazers in past posts,but, today my intent and hopefully your reading pleasure centers upon a bit of entertaiment trivia; specifically on Angela Raiola.Okay, she is a woman and maybe her full name doesn't rang a bell?...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 13 Tackle Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston

Because clearly the producers are cruel. And here's why:If you've watched American Idol for some time as I have, there's one thing you can count on. The boys will tackle Stevie Wonder at some point, and the girls will tackle Whitney (or Mariah or Celine). And when they do the judges will tell them how Stevie or Whitney or Mariah is one of the "best singers ever", so you really gotta bring it if you're going to try to tackle the master. And usually the implication is that it has not been brought....more
I thought Shannon saved herself by owning up to her bad performance, but Elise came off ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 24, make that 25

Here we are, folks. American Idol Reboot season 2. And they are changing it up....more

Snooki, Angelina, and the Death of All Things Beautiful

Who are we? I mean, who are we?What have we become?As much as last weekend's Academy Awards were criticized for being boring, or, you know, I'm not even really sure what, I actually found the show classy and highlighted by what I perceive to be legitimate entertainment - singing, dancing, Cirque du Soleil...What do people want? And what did people talk about all week?Angelina's leg....more
@SilvaGang I think a poolside vacation could do her some good :)more

I'm Good at Reality TV

I am forever stuck in my teenage years.(Actually, I’m not…and thank GOD for that.  Cause, that was some serious, serious crap.)But, in the way that I love MTV reality shows – particularly The Challenge – I am still a teenager.To prove it, this year I’ve joined a fantasy leauge to make it even better…if that’s even possible....more

Dance Moms Returns!

Yesterday, one of my favorite shows, Dance Moms, returned to Lifetime for its second season. I would be kidding myself if I claimed that my primary motivation for watching it wasn't hedonistic in nature, but I'm not a believer in "mindless entertainment." Even the most seemingly valueless books, movies, and TV shows (think Jersey Shore) can tell us something about the society in which we live and interact with one another. It is with this mindset that I kick back every week and indulge in a little Sister Wives and the other reality TV shows that my family makes fun of me for watching. ...more

The Biggest Losers Lose More Than Weight

I wouldn’t call The Biggest Loser my guilty pleasure; I do feel guilty watching it, but it isn’t a pleasure.  I’d call the experience closer to the dread fascination you feel when you look at big snakes or other things that are so horrifying or alien you can’t take your eyes off them. ...more
 @KarenLynnn I've wondered all those things, too.  For me, gaining lots of weight is all about ...more

Why Do Reality Shows Portray Us, Women As Cat Fighting, Spitting Cussing Witches

 I was channel flipping or surfing whatever you choose to call it ,and I saw at least three different  television shows with women hitting eachother, pulling hair, cussing eachother out and basically acting like animals.  I'm sorry that's just what it looked like.I don't get it really I don't.  I know lots of women they are my friends even ( joke intended) and we don't spit on eachother and ripped our friends hair or weaves out.  It is really so sad to me. Shows like :Mob wives- pathetic...more