Why Do Reality Shows Portray Us, Women As Cat Fighting, Spitting Cussing Witches

 I was channel flipping or surfing whatever you choose to call it ,and I saw at least three different  television shows with women hitting eachother, pulling hair, cussing eachother out and basically acting like animals.  I'm sorry that's just what it looked like.I don't get it really I don't.  I know lots of women they are my friends even ( joke intended) and we don't spit on eachother and ripped our friends hair or weaves out.  It is really so sad to me. Shows like :Mob wives- pathetic...more

Top Five Reasons Why I Hated the X-Factor Finale

I've not seen one episode of the X-Factor until tonight.I only watch about 2 hours of TV per week during the semester so during the winter break I try to relax while watching a few select shows. I was a speech, drama and debate teacher for eight years so I really love talent shows. They remind me of auditions for our Spring Musicals, only on a grandiose and incredibly bankrolled scale....more
Hey, I want to thank you for cleaning up my post a bit before putting in on the Entertainment ...more

Why I'm Not Watching BaseBall Wives

I'm making the declaration right here and now; I refuse to watch Baseball Wives! There, it's official....more
I'm with you Allison, too much Reality in our lives! Gotta draw the line somewhere (sic) Anyhoo, ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Finale!

OK, so Dancing With the Stars does this odd thing where they "save the last dance" for the night they're going to actually announce results. So each of the couples has one more dance to go, and yet here I am making a prediction. So what went down last night? Here we go: 1. Ricki and Derek...more
Yes... he did the best thru the whole season....more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Semi-Finals are Finally Here

And three out of four are just the right stars…I just miss my David Arquette.For the past two weeks I've been traveling constantly and only catching bits and pieces of Dancing with the Stars. It's actually interesting to do that, because you come back and see very distinctly who has improved, who has leveled out, and perhaps sometimes, who has peaked and is running out of steam....more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 6 Scare Me

It was the Halloween episode, so cheesy decor and effects galore were on display. But scarier was to think about the fact that there are only six contestants left, and no one has show that underdog, come-from-behind growth that America (and I) like to see. If they were good week one, they're still good. If they were not so great, they're still not so great. The judges are talking the talk like there's big improvement, but the contestants aren't walking the walk....more
@ElisaC Boo!!!! Disappointed :( #DWTSmore



Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 7 Open on Broadway

It's time to bring down the curtain on SOME people, know what I mean?After being unable to recap for the last two weeks (and FTR: I thought Chynna would go after that completely meltdown-y Tango) I'm happy to be back! The show got right to it, and so will I....more
@BlogHer @ElisaC hard to say. Hope? Chaz? Nancy? Who do you think is going home? #dwtsmore

Project Runway recap: The Top 5 Finally Get to Design

But sadly for them, it's kind of a big yawn. After Bert's untimely exit last week, the designers are off on a field trip to Governor's Island. The Island has its own buildings and structures, a park and a big outdoor sculpture exhibition by Mark Di Suvero.  ...more
@texasebeth Kimberly made a pair of pants that left her model bare-assed. With no time to remake ...more

Project Runway: The Top 6 Are For the Birds

Except for Bert: He is against the birds. ...more
I don't get why Anya is always the "darling." I like very little of her work and much prefer ...more