Gertie Sews Vintage Casual A Quick Review

I finally received my copy of "Gertie Sews Vintage Casual" and in the midst of home repairs I thought I'd take a break and give it a quick review.View Post...more

1 sweater, 7 projects

1 $3.99 Goodwill sweater = 4 mason jar votive covers, 2 to-go coffee cozies, and 1 pillow.Step 1: Gather your materials.  I purchased a size small sweater at Goodwill and washed it but if you have an old sweater of your own, even better....more


JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY DOWN IN MY HEART!Takin’ it back to basics when I used to attempt to finish these monthly prompts…...more

The perfect holiday gifts for someone who sews

It seems to be traditional in the blogging world for everyone to publish their annual holiday gift guide.  I suppose it makes sense – if we share the same kind of interests and the same kind of tastes, you’ll probably like similar shops and similar products to me.  So maybe I can save you all a little time and trouble this year with a few of my own favorites....more

DIY Pillow Covers from Old Shirts

Today’s project is something I’m really excited about–pillow covers from old shirts! This is an amazing project that anyone can do, and it results in beautiful, unique, and even sentimental home decor. I also did this at a great time–it’s been pretty cold here in Georgia (yay!) and these pillow covers add a warmth to my living room that the old ones just didn’t.And if you’re concerned because you can’t sew, no worries. I’ll get to that. ...more

How to Apply an Easy Ribbon Belt to a Dress

How To Make DIY Striped Patio Chair Cushions

How to Sew a {fake} Pleated Bedskirt

This project is simple. It does require a sewing machine, but if you have sewing machine and sorta know how to use it... YOU.CAN.DO.IT!You're sewing straight lines - a lot of straight lines.You'll also use an iron. Do you know how to iron? YOU.CAN.DO.IT!...more

Mini Boxy Zipper Purse

Yesterday night, I completed my third project: “Boxy Zipper Purse“! This one took me two hours too.Materials Needed:1/2 yard of outer Fabric1/2 yard of inner fabric1/2 yard of fusible interface9 ” zipperTutorial can be found at:...more

Sewing a "Pillow Sham"

Pillow Shams are beautiful and easy to use. Anytime, you can just remove,  put them to wash, change them according to your new furniture, etc. They are also easier to sew. Having bought a new sew machine, I had a penchant to learn sewing. It is always fun to sew your own clothes, handbags,purses, home decor and various other accessories....more