Meeting the Girls- Part One. My ascent into a vintage sewing machine addiction.

Meeting the Girls – Part OneMy descent into Vintage Sewing Machine addiction. Meeting Mae....more

DIY Roman Shades!

Over the weekend I made curtains for Mike and I's room. We have been wanting curtains in here for awhile now - mainly because the cheap vinyl mini blinds aren't necessarily easy on the eyes and also they let the sun shine in like a boss at 6:15 am. We also have a street light that sits outside of our bedroom window that at night makes Mike declare "It's brighter than the sun in here!" so I knew that blackout curtains were in our future....more

Come alone

I can honesty tell you that at the ripe age of____ it is time to start it all over again. I’ve worked full time for over sixteen years, built a house from the ground up, and raised two kids. I’ve lost the job, house is getting filled with stuff I can’t fine when I need it and the baby is going off to college in four months....more

My Fishy Summer Evening Skirt

Every Day Princess Dress's

Flounce and Furry

I was watching Sewing with Nancy and learned how to make a flounce trim for tops. looks so easy and cute.  The basic pattern is a donut shaped fabric, straighten and it automatically ruffles evenly.   Now I want to flounce eveything.  I can flounce a skirt, flounce a dress, and even flounce some leg warmers.  I get a lot of creative ideas from online, too.   I also have an urge to make sherpa fluffy slipper boots.  Google it and here is what I found....more

The Grand Gobbler

 I was looking around online for a Thanksgiving turkey project when I stumbled upon this free felt turkey sewing pattern.  The sewing pattern and instructions are available at This was a quick, easy, and fun project that is perfect for Thanksgiving. I followed the pattern and instructions, but I didn't use the same colors of felt or the same size buttons that the pattern calls for. I also used ribbon instead of fabric for the turkeys bowtie, and I really like the ribbon.  I found it during one of my many trips to Wal-Mart. I purchased the felt from the local fabric store, and I originally intended to use the felt for a quiet book for my daughter, but I haven't gotten around to that yet... Anyhoo, I added my grand gobbler to this year's Thanksgiving wreath....more is my Downfall

Q. Tell us about the last thing a person or advertisement convinced you to buy.A. I mostly shop grocery stores to avoid buying too much stuff that clutters the house.  For my upcoming birthday I splurged on two much wanted things --- a professional deep fryer and a computerized sewing/emboridery machine.With the fryer, I make perfect chicken nuggets for my son.  This is no fry daddy. It's Emeril. The special feature is the oil filtration box.  ...more

Corduroy Skirt {Vintage Simplicity Pattern 6124}

Known as the “poor man’s velvet” corduroy is prefect for creating vintage winter fashion. I just… View Post --Mrs. Akram Taghavi-Burris The mastermind behind Akram's Ideas   ...more