Wishing I Was Upstairs...

And not because I like two-story homes. I actually told my husband many years ago that I NEVER wanted to live in a multi-story dwelling. They don't appeal to me. The extra space. The loftiness. The stacking of life. I'm not a 'bird' person. I like roots. Ground. Stability. Well, relatively speaking. ...more

Adorable Black & Silver Glitter, Flower Sewing Box - Magnetized

 Adorable Black & Silver Glitter, Flower Sewing Box - Magnetizedhttp://www.etsy.com/listing/73826549/adorable-black-silver-glitter-flower?ref=pr_faveitems...more

Pleated Dress DIY

*this dress won the dress design contest for shabby apple! thank you for your love and support, it was all because of you! (and i mean that quiet literally.) <...more

Wow, that's just so impressive. I love it! I will be searching for pleated skirts now. Thanks!!more

New Website

I have been rebuilding my website: www.thefamousstacie.comand I am ready to announce it to the world! I am going to move my sewing and cooking projects over there and keep daily life, kiddos and some crafts etc... here. I am hoping my website can link all my places together: YouTube, Twitter, Zazzle, Create Space and Blogger into one nice neat package! Please come visit me at the all New www.TheFamousStacie.com...more

Felted Wool Finger Puppets

For this project, you will need bowl of hot, slightly soapy water, a bowl of cold soapless water, carded wool, scraps of 100% wool felt, a needle and thread, warm water and warm hands.  As posted previously, carded wool (or “wool roving”) can be purchased at local farms, craft stores o...more

following the LEADER

We live in West Africa with three boys under the age of 5 who officially belong to us, two teenage [American] girls who wanted to live with us, and one 12 year old [Nigerien] boy who is just passing through on his way to an American adoption. We love to travel, feed the hungry, learn new languages, do art with local kids, teach music to small children, had a pet monkey, find time to quilt, make dinner from scratch, foster local kids, raise chickens (or feed the neighborhood cats), and love the wide world all around us....more