Getting Crafty for Easter - A DIY Wreath You'll Hop For!

its really fun to make crafts on special occasions, the kids will also love to help. more

The Hostess with the Mostest Contest

The Hostess with the Mostest is giving away a free apron of your choice in the Hostess with the Mostest Contest!...more

Blogging and Etsy Shop Changes

I'm the most fickle person.  I have been flipping back from blog to blog and shop to shop.  Hopefully, I have found my niche now.  I have returned to my original blog at and an Etsy shop focusing on embroidery and patterns at  It's very late, and I may have returned to my night owl ways. ...more

National Craft Month: Finding Inspiration

It's National Craft Month!  Yippee!!  Now what? Have you got a list of projects that you are dying to work on or are you just wanting to try something new?  Are you interested but unsure where to begin?  Are you just overwhelmed by the shear thought of attempting a creative project?  Are you always telling yourself you are not creative? Well – first of all, we are all creative, in different ways, but we all have a way that we creatively express ourselves, so scratch that reason right off of your list. Now, maybe what you need...more

Sewing tutorial: A pillow for remote controls

Like many other Americans, by living room has been taken over by remote controls. Some I know how to use, and others I do not. It happens once per night that my husband asks, "Linds, have you seen the _____ remote?" It's not long 'til I'm bending over, digging in between couch cushions or looking under the shaggy rug for one of the remotes. Enter, the remote control pillow....more

SewHappy Quiltalong 2011

The SewHappy Quiltalong 2011 has just begun. The Febraury blocks are now available to download free online. Come join in the fun. Patterns and instructions will be posted on the 1st of each month until October 1st. You can join in at any time. Visit SewHappy QuiltalongSewHappy.Me...more

Pillow Talk


I really should learn how to use my sewing machine at some point.

Contributing Editor ...more

While I was sleeping, again

    I stumbled out of bed this morning to find that the giant 80-90# puppy had eaten the cushion of my new chair. The one that I like to sit in. The one that was fully intact just one hour earlier when my husband had left for work....more

We had a dog that ate a leather chair once. It was decidedly unfixable.

Contributing ...more

The Pillow project, in which the fabric gets its way

A few years ago (yes, I did type "years"), I began a project.     ...more