Garden Crafts-Inside and Out

It's a funny time of the year.  Gardens are coming into full-force summer production yet many gardeners are looking forward to shorter days and the end of the growing season.  My attention is being pulled both outside and inside with the desire to stretch the good feelings from gardening and to stretch out the year. What to do?  One simple thing is to look for crafty ways to bring my garden inside so that I can enjoy it in the future.  Or I can bring crafty fun outside to enjoy in the garden now. OUTSIDE IN ...more

Craft Tutorials with Scraps or For Small Time

Crafty Tutorials.  Whenever I ask individuals what they want in a post, the loudest answer is always: MORE TUTORIALS.  I spent some time scouring through some of the tutorials I've filed away and think this assortment of old and new items are perfect to share this week. ...more

The best one -really- is turn off your flash. Makes late-night pictures really challenging but ...more

Refashioning with T-shirt. What's Your Style?

Back to school is starting to infiltrate our psyches. And many creative souls will choose to refashion their "new" wardrobe instead of running to the stores to purchase all new gear. Ofcourse one of the easiest and most versatile items to refashion is the cotton knit shirt (often aka the t-shirt). What are some things that we can do? ...more

These are only a few of the ideas! I see t-shirt hacks almost weekly and it always amazes me ...more

Hand Sewing is Zen for August

Crafting under the right circimstances is zen.  The breath goes in and out.  The needles, fabric, beads click and move in their own magical rhythm.  The world slips away with the repetitive motion of the work.  You feel the calm. Because of this, I'm very excited that August is hand-sewing month at Sew, Mama, Sew.  Kristen explained that she and her daughter are reading the Little House series again, which gets them thinking about sewing: ...more


I seem to remember reading this book; but I have no other memory of it. Must go ...more

Otto&Spike are very loving and warm

Monday, Aug 03 2009 The love and warmth of Otto&Spike [Vita's LifeStyle ] -  vitalingus - @ 08:25:am Ah ya ya the absolute divine Otto&Spike have arrived on ...more

Recycled T-Shirt Halter Tie Back Dress - Giveaway for 3 lucky readers!

In a few days I will be releasing my newest pattern (the Recycled T-Shirt Halter/Tie-Back Dress ePattern) to my Etsy store so to celebrate I am giving away a copy of the pattern to THREE lucky blog readers! ...more

Crafting a Life: Summer Quick Tutorials!

Ask a crafty blogger what might get her/him to explore beyond the comfortable friendly blogs that one has set up on a feedreader. I'm willing to bet that the first thing to get us clicking out of our "comfort zone" will be a great tutorial. At least, I'll admit, that is the case for me. With that in mind, I ventured out to seek the charming project, the well-thought-out process, the compelling photos that might make you, too, click through to find a project that intrigues you and perhaps a new blog to follow: ...more

Expecting a Great Weekend?

The sun is even shining in New Jersey this morning!  Go figure!  Everyone seems to be looking ahead to the holiday weekend!  Barbeques, parades, fun times for everyone!  Given how much bad news has been out there, I think we all have permission to relax and enjoy for a change! ...more


This is my first blog entry here at BlogHer, and I am so excited!  It's probably best to introduce myself and explain what I do.   I am Sandi - a.k.a. the HomeBadger.  My company is HomeBadger Creations, Inc (  I have a home-based business in South Jersey and I sell handmade apparel wraps, shawls, scarves and yoga blankets for people of all ages, from almost any fabric requested.  ...more

Crafting a Life: Patriotic Crafts

Next weekend the US will be festooned in Red, White And Blue as the nation celebrates its birthday. Parades, picnics and parties are all occasions for showing off the best in new patriotic designs. Instead of heading to the stores and purchasing something appropriately constructed, isn't it nice that we crafters can walk into our workrooms -or corners- and make our own fine Patriotic Crafts. Dollar Store Crafts took inspiration from a Better Homes and Gardens idea to Craft Patriotic Placements. ...more