1960's Maternity Party Dress

 My sister is expecting and has enlisted me to make her a couple of dresses, including a 1960's Maternity Party Dress. Read the story here...more

Sew your own camera strap!

I purchased a new camera in January of this year. That thing is awesome. I have always enjoyed taking photos for my own personal use. This camera makes it even more fun. But one thing that has bothered me about it is the non-pretty black strap.  I'm also an amateur seamstress. Meaning, I have a sewing machine, but i'm not so great at using it. ...more

New Content Coming Soon

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3 hour patchwork quilt

BY Emily of Blue Corduroy...more

Blaming It All on Jenny Doan

I've always been a big believer in "early to bed, early to rise" making me healthy, wealthy and wise. But, lately I've been hanging with a bad crowd. From the land of Jesse James, comes the likes of Jenny Doan and her gang, holed up in Hamilton, Missouri, and I just can't get off that runaway train....more
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Apron Tutorial With Free Pattern

 For tutorial click here....more

What I didn't know about sewing machines.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you would know I am taking ‘Sewing Machine 911′ online course from Craftsy. Today I wanna share a short summary of all the wonderful sewing machine tips I’ve learned so far.For more please visit this link....more

Sewing and Strength

I’m going to admit something right now. I’m not proud of this. I have gone through the entire summer without sewing a gosh darned thing. ...more
@Velvet S. Thanks for reading! Haha! You can get back into it if you want! Sometimes the hardest ...more

Learning to Sew, Creating a Career

Learning to sew led to one of my greatest accomplishments: a fulfilling and creative professional life. ...more
@TheDebtPrincess Thank you so much!  Yes, it is so nice to sew for my girls and I hope you do ...more

Perfect Poolside Pillows - Embroidery, Fish & Chevrons, Oh My!

I've been working on this fish pillow for the past several weeks and it's finally done! ...more
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