iPad Pillow Tutorial

For Christmas, we bought both of our kids the iPad 2.  It has turned out to be one of the best things we have ever bought them.  They literally use it everyday for so many different things.  My daughter uses hers each and every night often while laying in bed.  She is always trying to find a comfortable way to hold her iPad.  It got me thinking that it would be good if she had a something that she could have on her lap...sort of like a lap desk....more

My Second Stash - Shot Cottons Revisited

Just when I thought I’d spend the rest of my quilting days creating Kona cotton mini quilts and table runners…....more

Easy Dress Repair

I have set a challenge for myself.I am going the repair four dresses before the end of May. Three dresses are vintage and one is modern. Why May you ask? Because then I will go to the West fjords (of Iceland), where the owner of two of the vintage ones loves and I want to bring them to her all finished and pretty.The other two belong to my older daughter.I tackled the first one today. It’s the modern one and it was badly torn at the sleeves:...more

My March Quilt blocks of the month

 These are my blocks for the craftsy BOM.  They are a broken spider web and a string block.  They are super fun and scrappy!http://melaniehamdesigns.blogspot.com/2012/04/march-blocks-of-month.htmlMelanie Hamwww.melaniehamdesigns.com...more

Old Towel, New Washcloth

The Old Towel New series is a little collection of crafty repurposing projects where old (and, possibly grubby) towels are fashioned into pretty, fresh, and useful things.Today's project is a quick and quiet one. A no-brainer in fact! It goes a little something like this......more
This is just amazing. I like it! Great work.more

Embroidered Bolster Pillow

 Ever since I received an embroidery sewing machine for Christmas, I have wanted to make a new bolster pillow for my daughter's room....more

Underpants Tutorial

As I was trying to find a project to make a Christmas present for my husband, it dawned to me that I could make him some underpants.The easiest way was to take an old pair of his and use it as a pattern....more

Spliced and Stitched-- Another Little Wall Quilt

My latest mini quilt was such a pleasure to create. If you look closely, you can see that it's composed of 16 squares. Basically, I sliced up solid gray squares at random, re-stitched them with colorful bands between, and trimmed them to the 5 1/2".Easy! And the result is a whimsical, random design. Finished off with some curly cue quilting....more

Red Hot Pillow Talk

It is just over a week until Valentine's Day and there is a definite lack of decorating around my house.  Normally, there isn't much for this holiday anyway, but I was feeling the need for SOMETHING.  Up until now, the only "decoration" was the tablecloth shown here (under all the sewy stuff).  It was made from some leftover fabric that was sitting around doing nothing.  ...more

(all wrapped up) kindle case + tutorial

Last March, my hubby gave me a kindle for my birthday... I was so excited! He even got me the case that had a light in it! There were many nights spent reading to the wee hours with my handy dandy lighted case......more
This is so cool. I have fabric on my sewing table right now and was going to make a cover for my ...more