Makeup Vloggers You Should Subscribe to Immediately

Is there anyone that isn’t a “beauty guru” on YouTube? There are just so many makeup tutorials. And if we’re being honest, a lot of it is utter garbage. But these 6 vloggers never disappoint.1. Michelle Phan is such an obvious choice that it feels superfluous to even include her. But not including her would be nuts, even if only for the sheer mass of information on her channel....more

Would You Pay for Ad-Free YouTube?

I am sure you have experienced this, too. You are reminiscing about a McDonald's commercial from your youth. (Didn't you also love the one where the campers walk to McDonald's in the rain pretending they're ducks?) You decide that you must show your children said commercial because you loved it so damn much that you can still sing the song. And you know that it must exist on YouTube because EVERYTHING exists on YouTube. You use the search bar, putting in key words: McDonald's, commercial, ducks. AND THERE IT IS! You are so close to watching those adorable campers from Camp Nippersink share some French fries! You click to watch, turning so you can see your children's faces as they enjoy it. And then you realize that they're watching 30 seconds of commercials. No, I mean, like commercials before the commercial. Like YouTube's commercials before they get to the McDonald's commercial. ...more
I don't think I'd pay because I don't mind them.  The exclusive content piece is different ...more

7 Good Reasons to Start a YouTube Video Channel

I'm no spring chicken, so how do I have the chutzpah to start making not one but two YouTube channels? For probably the same reason I began blogging more than ten years ago. At that time, it seemed the height of vanity and delusion for someone, especially a middle aged woman, to have her own blog. (That was the usual reaction right after, "What is a blog?"). The reason then is the same as my present one for delving into the world of video taping myself. I wanted to share my accumulated life experience with other women, and the wide open world of the internet seemed like a great opportunity to do that. ...more
Bodynsoil Great! I also encouraged my daughter to make a video that shares her behind the scenes ...more

February Goals

Today I'm sharing my blogging/YouTube/life goals on my blog, as well as how I did in January!Check it out here. ...more

Ageism, Politics, the News, and YouTube

Almost one year ago, I published a post about ageism as it relates to politics. A week and a half ago, I was reminded how this issue is evolving and how far we still have to go. On January 22nd, President Obama gave his State of the Union address for the year. Most media and social outlets thought it was a good speech, agree with the content or not....more

YouTube Channel

Hello my friends!Make sure to connect with me on YouTube! ...more

Month of November, Movember!


Lifestyle Tip Of The Day: Live Happy

Lifestyle Tip Of The Day: Live Happy  Blog: www.beautylifegeek.comFacebook:

Writer Voice, meet Video Persona

I’m setting up a blind date for my writing voice and my video persona. I think they’ll really like each other…they just need to get in the same room for once. In fact, I’m so confident that they’re a good match that I’m going to film every Goddamn session until they decide to consciously couple or never ever speak to each other again.Here’s why I’m temporarily getting into match-making....more