(2005)  Colorado State Representative Rhonda Fields'  son Marshall (along with fiancé Vivian Wolf) were killed (murdered) "gang style" over their impending "witness testimony".  (The backstory is that the whole thing began over "meagher music industry" dollars from a "meagher" Denver City Park concert T-shirt sales)....





(2007) Darren Williams was killed (murdered)  "gang style" over a "gang turf" skirmish.  (The backstory is that words were said inside a Denver nightclub and Crips gang members supposedly then shot up Darrent's  HummerVee).











(2013)  Aaron Hernandez allegedly killed (murdered) "gang style" one Odin Lloyd.  (The backstory is that Hernandez is a member of "The Bloods" street gang.  Why Hernandez allegedly ordered the murder of Odin is not yet clear but Hernandez will forfeit the $80 million dollar New England Patriots player contract)






(2007)  Yolanda LaLa Brown, a budding music industry star is presumed murdered by "gang members"?   LaLa, according to her mother, Maria, got repeated cell phone threats at home and at the beauty parlor ....(were "gang members" trying to "harass her", "coerce her",  and "strong arm" her talent?) 







(2013)  Christopher Lane, 22, a promising young athlete (from Australia) is murdered "gang style" ( in Oklahoma) by three teenagers  (one of which made continuous references to being a "Crip"...)







(2012) Whitney Houston, movie star, producer and singer extraordinaire dies from a "drug overdose" or was it?  Drug dealers long ago had "targeted" the talented Whitney for the $300,000 a year that she  (Whitney) supposedly spent on drugs.  (Was Whitney stalked for a $1 million dollar unpaid drug debt?).  Click below to read new "theory":



(click link below to read article ) http://www.westword.com/2010-10-28/news/denver-brings-meth-addicts-and-cops-together-in-an-unprecedented-fight-against-drugs/





February 15, 2014  (Saturday)












Make no mistake about what is happening here; Denver is trying to force itself where it was never allowed to be ...in Showbusiness.  Take in point the three TV program sales companies and one movie production company that are no longer in business (If they ever were really in).




Blair Television--303  770  8120


Eagle Sales--720 482 7505

Katz Television--303 740 8765

Equinox Films--303 444 2384


These "companies" are all out of business because Denver does not want to "respect talent".  Denver also doesn't "care" about talent Denver only "cares" about who can be "MADE" to pay (who crooked Soapy Smith can "ring out" and "squeeze" for bucks).  Denver doesn't like talent and this is why one of Denver's biggest "No Talents" is still around.  But even she has been "forced down" (from wannabe lounge singer to quasi sex trade i.e. strip joint purveyor);  she--being  Lannie Garret of  Lannie's  Clocktower  Caberet.  I might add that former nightclub owner Bobby Rifkin (Turn of the Century) is now also a "quasi--sex trade i.e. strip joint purveyor....(The Diamond Caberet).  Denver only respects and cares about "prostitution rings" and "meth labs".   Scandals at "Players and Sugar" and shootings at "Crip" clubs on north Broadway are what makes up Denver's "entertainment industry".  With all this being done.  I ask that Denver "leave me alone" and stop trying to make/have/own that "filthy poor" showbusiness company.   (The "company"  that I, Renee Ashley Baker, keep trying to FLUSH DOWN THE TOILET  but it keeps "popping out" and chasing me around Denver).

Denver needs to find some guy (or  gal) performing on the streets of downtown Denver and make him (or her) work for that "Toilet Company".   Denver needs to make him (or her) be Denver's "harassed and coerced and shaken down" Star. 


BACK STORY: Back in the late 1960's and 1970's no "entertainers" wanted to "come to Denver".  It was Barry Fey (fat) and Bobby Rifkin (Turn of the Century) who brought the A-List to Denver.  Sadly, it was the new "Mexican/Meth Lab/Crip" Denver that made  Barry Fey (skinny) commit suicide.  


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