Entertainment - Making Wise Choices

Entertainment - Making Wise Choices

This morning I had the privilege of teaching a high school girl's Bible class.  I was filling in for my sister-in-law, who is the regular teacher.  The topic for today's lesson was "Choosing Entertainment".

At the end of the lesson, there was a list of questions designed to help a Christian make wise choices in entertainment.  The lesson book stated that the author of the questions was unknown, but whoever wrote them did a great job!  These questions are a great way for all of us to make wise choices in choosing entertainment.

The Personal Test: Will doing this make me a better or worse Christian?

The Social Test: Will doing it influence others to be better or worse Christians?

The Practical Test:  Will the results of my doing it be desirable?

The Universal Test:  If everyone did this, would it improve or degrade society?

The Scriptural Test:  Does the Bible endorse it, or expressly forbid it?

The Stewardship Test:  Will my doing this waste the talents God gave me?

The Missionary Test:  Will doing this leave me with the proper influence to bring others to Christ?

The Character Test:  Will doing this increase my moral and spiritual stamina?

The Family Test:  Will doing this bring honor or embarrassment to my family?

The Publicity Test:  Would I want other Christians to know about my doing this?

The Common Sense Test:  Does doing this agree with plain, everyday common sense?

The Financial Test:  Will doing this rob me of my financial ability to do good?

The Fairness Test:  If I do this will I be honest and will I be practicing the Golden Rule?


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