The Entire Right Wing is a Distraction

Sunday morning I found myself watching Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. His first guest of the hour was White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. During the interview Chris brought up the request by President Obama of Mitt Romney's tax returns. He challenged Gibbs with the argument that focusing on tax returns is only a distraction from the real issues.

I literally screamed at my television. ARE YOU KIDDING ME CHRIS! You're telling me that the party who spent YEARS asking for a birth certificate considers taxes a distraction! Let me explain to you why it isn't. If you're going to vote for a man to supposedly return you to your middle class glory, you need to know if he even understands the plight of the middle class people.

Then I turned on the radio and I hear that Republican US Representative candidate from Missouri, Todd Aiken said that victims of LEGITIMATE rape are not likely to become pregnant because doctors told him that the body shuts down and keeps that from happening. Not only did he stick his foot in his mouth far enough to digest it but he's not even dropping out of the race. Again I say...THAT'S a distraction.

Paul Ryan is a distraction...a man who, if he had his way, would eliminate any medical care beneficial for the elderly. Running in a party who has cut off their noses to spite their own faces. Being elected by a group of people who have yet to realize that if you vote these people in and they get rid of "Obamacare", you still won't have a job (HELLO OUTSOURCING) and when you get sick you won't have any healthcare options.

Oh to be distracted...

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