Entrepreneurship: Making the Business Plan Stand Out



Entrepreneurship might be starting to seem like a lot of work after the other posts we’ve had, and it is! But it’s also very rewarding to be the successful owner of your own creation. You’ve learned how to write the skeleton of the business plan, now find out how to make your idea rise above the rest.

Be Clear:

Make sure that every part of the plan is concise and to the point. Eradicate any tangents, clunky phrases, or otherwise extraneous information. You want the investor or loaner to know exactly what you hope to do. Too much confusion will push them away from the idea. Also be as specific in your outline as possible. It’s obvious that you plan to offer something and make money off of it. How much money do you want to make by the end of the first year? How are you going to do it? The more you look like you know what you’re talking about (and actually do know) the more confident others can be in your ability to pull it off.


Never try to do everything when you could just do one or a few things really well. For instance, don’t tell an investor that you plan to open a restaurant that offers three different cultures of food, delivers, is a sit-down restaurant, and also offers facials for customers. Pick a niche and stick to it. This way you’ll be more appealing to a specific market and the reader will know that you’ll be sure to master the things you’re doing rather than taking on too much and doing none of them well.

Explain What Makes You Different:

If there are a million other places out there doing the same thing, mention this to the reader. Then go into what it is that makes you so different. Everyone advertises their speed or their customer service, but that’s an old hat. Figure out, and then explain, a way to take what already works well and make it your own unique thing.

Use a Different Format:

You still want to include all the information covered in the last post, like the company description and market analysis, but present it in a more interesting way. Make it like a PowerPoint presentation, on paper, using bullet points, color, and graphics. You’ll make it easy to read and more enticing than the letter format used in the past. Or give them the business plan on paper and include a CD or jump drive with a video showing the product/service or your team in action. This brings a little more explanation to your idea and allows the investor to see what they’d be getting. Try creating an interactive website about the company with different pages for each part of the business plan, videos, pictures, and highlights of past successes. There are so many creative ways to get your point across and get the support you need to start.

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