Who's Ready for an Epic Chick Fight?

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Thanksgiving's overlap with Hanukkah and the ensuing seamless transition into Christmas decoration and shopping season has me in need of a palate cleanser.  I love a weepy week full of enjoying Love, Actually while bemoaning Black Friday as much as the next Elf on a Shelf, but two back-to-back months of it? I feel a need cultural exfoliation in between my sweet-and-cheesy seasons, thank you very much, just as I need a green-smoothie cleanse to make up for my recent Week of Butter and Breakfast Pie.

But unlike an easy smoothie fast, I couldn't figure the best way to junk punch the treacle of the pop culture holiday season until I remembered Epic Chick Fight. Delving into the magic of Epic Chick Fight did the trick for me, and I thought you might need it too. 

Epic Chick Fight
Epic Chick Fight Screenshot

Epic Chick Fight is a live action version of an animated fight with a chicken. That's chicken soup for your pop culture soul, right there, I guarantee. 

It all started with Family Guy.Ernie the Giant Chicken is a violent bird who shows up mid-scene on various Family Guy episodes. The foul drama began when the chicken gave Peter a bad coupon, and that initial fight scene is an animation classic. 

Enter non-animated stuntwoman and actress Jessie Graff who raised close to $3K on IndieGoGo to shoot a live-action remake. The resulting scene, also showcasing stuntwoman Tree O’Toole, must have cost much more than that. 

Behold the sheer comic, athletic, beautiful and brutal brilliance of Graff's chicken vs. O’Toole's Petra Griffin. Let each fake punch be the sorbet you need between gingerbread lattes. No ribbon wreaths were harmed in the making of this film:

Here's the original Family Guy scene:

I like every Tarantinoesque thing about Epic Chick Fight, especially the gender flip Graff constructed. I'm all for shining a light on talented women who are epic stunt performers. Graff's remix  also manages to highlight the disparity in female characters in animation. We know women in film and television are drastically underrepresented, but in animation too? Apparently so. This shouldn't be a reality, when, as Geena Davis says, "we see Dick all of the time."

Check out The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media for more research.

Your palate should be pretty clear by now. Need more good medicine before you head back into the holly, jolly wonderland of Pinterest? If you haven't seen Double Dare, it's a compelling documentary about women in stuntmaking that I'm always pushing on people, and it would be a fantastic next course.

You might even learn some moves yourself. In case you want to/need to take down a Giant Chicken. Or  fight those gender disparities in our media. Or, whenever you are ready, rumble with the holiday season. It's waiting for you. Silent as a night and violent as mad poultry. Kapow!