Epidemic of Happiness - Bulletin by Sally Huss


People need help at this time - help with mortgages, help at the gas pump, help with family matters and help with life in general. But above and beyond it all, they need help to keep their spirits up and their actions positive. They also need hope.

That's what we intend to do here at sallyhuss.com. Through our newsletter Happy News, our blog and videos we are in the process of creating an Epidemic of Happiness. We are doing this by collecting as many like-minded people as possible who are committed to happiness, regardless of circumstances. These are people who know the importance of being happy and who will continue to share their good feelings with those around them in their daily lives. These are happy people who want to get happier and those who aren't, but would like to be.

Starting now we are launching a major effort to spread this good feeling worldwide - one person at a time and your help is needed.

In the current chaotic world we live, our state of well-being is constantly challenged. So it is even more important now than ever to remain positive, optimistic and supportive of each other. By lifting spirits the weight of circumstances is also lifted. It is our belief that "all people with love and happiness in their hearts secretly hold hands with each other to help uplift the world." We wish to make this no longer secretive.

We now have over 1,000 happy volunteers. It is our wish to grow it quickly to 100,000 and beyond. We can all help by connecting friends to this campaign. If each of us invites 10 friends to sign up for the Happy News and in turn if those 10 friends invite 10 more we will reach 100,000 in short order. It is as simple as that! So the more friends you invite the quicker our Epidemic of Happiness will spread.

I will do my part by posting daily Happy Musings (little life thoughts with big impact), blog posts and videos that you can use to keep yourself brightened and tuned into this endeavor. You may view any of these blog posts and videos now at:

http://www.sallyhuss.com - links to my blog or videos off my homepage

http://www.youtube/user/sallyhussinc - Sally's videos

http://sallyhuss.typepad.com - Sally's Blog "Addicted to Happiness"

Here is how you can help today. Email your friends and invite them to visit http://www.sallyhuss.com and click on the Happy News link, add your encouraging comments, including a request for them to send it on to their friends.

As you may know, I have been in the business of happiness for over 20 years throught my art and writings, now I ask you to join me. Please e-mail me at sally@sallyhuss.com with your thoughts and ideas on how we can build this wonderful community and spread a useful epidemic. Your help is greatly needed!

Thanks and smiles,



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