Epilady Legend 4

Shortly after the BoomBoxNetwork party, Epilady contacted me and requested I write a review. I wrote back telling them that in all honesty, I couldn't do a review without a test drive of their product. They asked me to write an email with links to some of my reviews and the stats, and which model(s) I would like to test and also told me that lots of people wanted to review their products. I replied with links to my pajama jeans review (my first post on BlogHer!) and a few others that I've done the last few years.


Guess what I'm reviewing? I'm scared! #epilady

I guess they liked what they saw because yesterday, I received an Epilady Legend 4 in the mail to review. I really wanted to try the little Esthetic Facial Epilator that they have for facial hair also, but they only the Legend 4 was in the box.
Now let me begin with this. When Epilady first came out on the market back in 1986, I tried to talk my mom into buying one so we could try it. She said "No, Karen, it sounds like a torture device". But she did go ahead an buy a few years later. After using it once, she gave it to me and told me it hurt like crazy. I gave it to Nikki without even trying. It had a coil, do you remember?
Well the Legend 4 model is quite different. It looks like a hand held ladies electric razor, with one exception. It has a zillion twirling tweezers that are attached to a cylinder that spins very fast. It's extremely noisy. I was scared to try it. I asked hubby a few times if I could test it on him but he said no pretty emphatically.

Close up of the tiny tweezers #epilady

So last night, after charging it 12 hours as the instructions state, I gave it a try. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Now I am a gal who does nothing painful for beauty. I don't wear heels, I rarely have to tweeze my eyebrows anymore because at 55, they just don't grow as much. They need trimmed more than tweezed, they grow to 2 feet long sometimes. (See Epilady, you should have sent me the http://www.epiladyusa.net/ep80310.html Esthetic Facial Epilator to test too!)
Anyway back to the test. It hurts yes. At first, I likened it to bee stings but that's a little rough. It feels more like having your legs tweezed at supersonic speeds by a bazillion tiny tweezers. I don't see so well close up, and Wisconsin girls don't have to shave after October first until June 1st. So I had a little growth for the tiny tweezers to grab onto, but I was using it blindly in only the light of the table side lamp.
Today when the light was brighter and I could see the hairs on my legs, I used the Epilady Legend 4 again, and found that it wasn't as painful as I thought it was last night. It takes a while, (and a magnifying glass if you are blond and farsighted like me) and it's very noisy so don't do it if you are near sleeping babies.
But the Epilady Legend 4 did the trick. The hairs are gone. I got real brave and decided to try it on my mustache (thank goodness that is blond) but it hurt and was so loud, and I'm sure this device won't go anywhere near my face again. Do not, under any conditions, get it near your hair!
http://www.epiladyusa.net/epleclblatta.html Here is the link so you can check it out for yourself. The link says it is safe for bikini and face, and underarms. I doubt they'd want it back if I tried it down "there". And boy, I just don't think my pain tolerance is high enough to try it on my bikini area.
The real test will be seeing how long it takes before the hair grows back.
Do  you think that if I epilate for a while, maybe the hair on my legs will stop growing like my eyebrows did?

The Legend 4th generation comes with a one year warranty


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