Erin Kotecki Vest on Living With Lupus

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[Erin Kotecki Vest of Queen of Spain gives a firsthand look into what it's like to live with lupus. -Renee]

This Is What It Is Like To Live With Lupus

As I type, I take breaks to rest my puffy wrists. I massage my elbow, stretch my fingers, and open another email or two…this way I can read while I wait for my body to recover enough to continue my thoughts. I read messages from family and friends wishing us well, asking why I was in the hospital. I read yet another unsolicited list of herbs or chants or veggies or nuts or fruits I “must” include in my regimen in order to be “cured” of my ailments. I read more about mini-strokes, inflammation on the brain, and what to expect next week in my son’s classroom. I massage my wrists more and then choose to read about the royal wedding. the NHL playoffs, or a pinch of politics- just to get away from the ever-present, ever-taxing disorder that has taken over my body and my life.

This is what it is like to live with Lupus.

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