Erin's Daily Eats Day 11 - 12

Erin's Daily EatsHey there everyone,

I hope all the moms reading this had an amazing Mother's Day on Sunday. I had a pretty great one myself. There are 2 days a year that I always look forward to, Mother's Day and my birthday. Why you may ask? Because those are the 2 days a year that I get waited on hand and foot by Ben & Xander. I just stay in bed and have food or anything else I want brought to me, and then we go out for dinner. Fun times!

I mentioned in my day 10 post that I would be counting Mother's Day as a cheat day, which I did, but once I added everything up I didn't do to shabby.

Erins Daily Eats Day 11 - 12

Sunday May 11

Goal - 1424

Total Calories - 1242

Under - 182

Exercise - None


1/2 cup Oatmeal - 150 Cal

1/4 Fresh Strawberries - 12 Cal


Homemade Cobb Salad - 297 Cal


Lots and Lots of Sushi! - 723 Cal (Estimate)


Strawberry Shortcake - 60 Cal

Monday May 12

Goal - 1424

Total Calories - 1507

Over - 83

Exercise - 10.25 Mile Bike Ride


Biscuits & Gravy - 320 Cal

2 Poached Eggs - 140 Cal

4 Whole Strawberries - 16 Cal


2 Sunbelt Bakery Almond Sweet & Chewy Bar - 280 Cal

1 Fresh Peach - 59 Cal


1 Turkey Burger - 292 Cal

1/2 Cup Potato Salad - 180 Cal

1/2 Cup Cole Slaw - 160 Cal


Strawberry Short Cake - 60 Cal

I finally feel like I'm really getting back on track with my diet and fitness. Although my behind is a little sore this morning after that 10 mile bike ride. All in the name of fitness, right?

Til tomorrow.




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