Erin's Daily Eats Day 8

Erin's Daily EatsHey there everyone,

How was everyone's Thursday? Mine was very relaxing. I got some major cleaning aka exercise, done in the morning, and then chilled all day long. It was pretty AWESOME!

Yesterday was fairly easy to stay on track. I finally got some healthy snacks up in this bitch and I'm well on my way back to living la vida healthy

Erin's Daily Eats Day 8, Thursday May 8

Goal - 1424

Total Calories - 1253

Under - 171

Exercise - Cleaning duh!


1 Serving Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Bake - 268 Cal.

1 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk - 30 Cal


1 Cups Bran Flakes - 267 Cal

2 Cups Vanilla Almond Milk - 60 Cal


1 Serving Chicken Taco Salad - 448 Cal


1 Apricot - 40 Cal

1 Sunbelt Bakery Almond Sweet and Salty Chewy Granola Bar - 140 Cal

Ok, so it's been really crappy bipolar spring weather here in Eugene so my normal Running/Walking regime has been really off lately, which explain my lame excuse for exercise of late. But the weather is suppose to take a turn for the better over this weekend and finger crossed I'll be training for a 10K here real quick.

Til tomorrow.



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