Esoteric zeitgeist and playing a mean pinball

Here is a fitting profile written by yours truly, for one of my "guest stars," based on my most recent experience: Egocentric,  passionate, passive-agressive,  mad-genius with extreme adversion to using telelphones (but owns an iphone), would love to dazzle you with everything profound and despite several proclamations with the full intention to meet-up, will jerk you around for months without setting up said meeting, (or for that matter having a live text-chat, or actually calling you on the phone for a real conversation minus the keyboard), if only to see how long it will take to try your patience and push you off the f'cking edge. And all for no apparent reason. (I like how the F-word gives much the needed emphasis there).

Some people lie extraordinarily well while massaging your grey matter with esoteric zeitgeist, while over a period of time incorporating sincerity to beat you over the head and bludgeon your last grain of hope to it's eventual and poetic metaphorical death. After almost 2.5 months of email exchange (and nothing more), with "Toscano"  - we are done. Why this person even has a dating profile (for which he paid an upgrade at some point) in the first place is beyond me.  And the reason this "Premium Member" Keyboard-Romeo choses months of emailing over living, breathing, communication is a mystery. (One can only procrastinate so much, then run out of excuses). Then again, it's not the first time I have met a  guy that couldn't translate himself to flesh and blood from the profoundness of his words typed on a computer keyboard. Regardless, case closed... File under "A" for A'hole... and NO MORE ITALIAN MEN.

I am one email away from becoming a nihlist.

They believe in nothing

F'ck it.... I have a date in 10 days, with a hot Latino-American guy who tells me in no uncertain terms: "I can't wait to meet you." Cheers baby.  I can't remember that last time I heard that and whole-heartedly believed it.

So "Spy-guy" will officialy be in the house, and he's cracking open the vino rosso he's bringin' along... we're talking the GOOD stuff. He also didn't run for the hills when I admitted in jest I wasn't every man's cup of tea, and  that my "dark side" constitutes suffering from PMS...

CM: I'm serious! ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

SG: See, but that I understand and I will just have to avoid you! LOL

CM: Good thing I don't own any weapons other than a spatula!

SG: Actually, I wouldn't avoid you. If for example we were together, I would still make love to you and your gggrrrr would disappear.

CM: Hahaha! That and a pound of chocolate! (I think my jaw hit my apartment's ceramic tile flooring at that point and I was grasping at straws for something clever to say)

SG: Just saying nothing like 'Latino mesmeration'... Oh f'ckkkk yea, I love chocolate!

And when I mentioned Italians and their loose acceptance of cheating: "But yes I have to agree with you. A relationship I believe, and follow is between one man and one woman sharing everything together...being best friends and going everywhere together I never believed in the well I'm going to hang out with the boys or girls."

Fine with me.

He's funny... and thus far laughs at all my authentic, non-rehearsed nonsense (as I had made a conscience decision NOT to be "on"). If our exchanges were balls in a pinball machine - many of his comments would have the lights flashing/bells going off, and getting him big bonus points.  This boy...  Sorry, I stand corrected - MAN,  looks like he's mobile and got his shit together.



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