Essay Writing Subject About the State of Education In The U.S.

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A university student who has to do an essay writing work about the status of education today can choose the current state of public education in the United States as the main subject of his academic essay.

If the student's main essay subject is about the current state of public education in the US, he should choose a topic that is relevant and timely. A possible topic could be “The Reasons Why Public Education in America is Behind Other Countries.”


Since the student's essay writing topic should be current and relevant, he can research his information from the most current newspapers or magazines, or he can get his information and other research materials from the Internet.

For example, an online educational article in November 2008 stated that the graduation rate of America is rated 21st out of the 27 major industrialised countries in the world. The article also stated that compared to students from the G-8 countries of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom, the American primary and secondary school students are losing their lead in reading, mathematics and science courses.

The November 2008 article said that the problem of the US lagging behind the G-8 countries in public education competitiveness is due to several factors, which include the problems with the student and the teacher.

The article said that a child who may have an inclination for mathematics or science during his primary education might encounter problems during his secondary education that would discourage him from pursuing those courses. In addition, the article said that many mathematics and science teachers do not have the proper specialisations or majors in the subjects that they are teaching.

To solve the problem of lagging in public education competitiveness, the article stated that educational officials from the federal, state and local levels should get involved in joint efforts with the major stakeholders in increasing the quality and competitiveness of public education.

The essay writing guidelines for doing an essay about the subject of the state of education in the US is writing guidelines that are also applicable for other essays about the subject of the state of education that discusses other particular and related topics.


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