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This is the first blog post that started the collaborative project that is She's All Nerd. The lady nerds are, of course, a smaller subset of the female population as a whole, but it's an important one. It's one that gets overlooked by companies catering obsessively to their male market, one overlooked socially by the male counterpart, and one that gets overlooked sometimes by their fellow ladies. 

My name is Augratin and I am a nerd. Recently, Speranza and I visited her family. We embarked on a grand pilgrimage to David’s Bridal to find a wedding dress (for Speranza). She has a big family full of sassy, tough women, none of whom share our passion for all things geeky (R2D2 stilettos—hello!). I am a weird person. I say things that are not funny unless you’re actually in my brain. I strain the conventions of normal people conversation. It was after one of these comments, which so eagerly trip off my tongue, that her sisters or mother would say, “Oh, are you a nerd, too?”
“Of course!” I answered. I am generally content with my nerdiness but something about this question stuck in my head. I’ve always been a weirdo with awkward social skills but this made me feel like a whole different species. I kinda liked it. I am a nerd and proud! Hear me murloc!
Nerds are, in my opinion, a whole different type of person. That’s why this website exists: to cater to the different needs, obstacles, and interests faced by the modern lady nerd. We are a minority in the world, subjected to bizarre armor designs and an overwhelmingly male community convinced that real women are like the ones in they see on late night TV shows and porn: big boobs, small brain, good sammiches.
Of course there are plenty of guys out there who do not fit this stereotype, so if you’re reading this and saying, “NUH UH! I’m a sensitive, considerate male!” then I am not talking about you. You are a special treasure. That being said, as a girl gamer navigating the male MMORPG world, I can’t help but notice how social issues of gender and sexuality have lagged behind in this faceless, egotistical community. This is a call to ladies to raise your voice! We matter, too! We are the weirdos in a weird world! 


Girl Nerds Unite!

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