Essential Oils and PMS - Sweet Smelling Relief

Today wraps up my weeks long work on helping you find natural cures to help with your pms.  I hope I have been able to share some useful information with you all.

I know I have learnt alot myself through my research :)

Today is all about Essential Oils, they have so many wonderful uses and relief for some of those PMS symptoms are just a small part of how they can help!

Here are some of those Hormone Harmonizers, at the end I will include some blends to help you.


A tufted grass that grows wild in India.  Known to soothe stress and relieve muscle and joint pain.

Palmarosa can be used during the last trimester of pregnancy, the rest of the oils in this post are recommended to avoid if you are pregnant.


The oil that comes from the seeds of the fennel plant is a mild oestrogen stimulant, helpful for menstrual and menopausal symptoms.  Also good for the digestive system and encouraging the kidneys to release excess fluid.

 Aura Cacia Fennel Seed, Essential Oil, 1/2 oz. bottle

Juniper Berry

Known in western herbal medicine as one of the most diuretic and detoxifying remedies.

Sweet Marjoram

A type of oregano native to the mediterranean.  A comforting and soothing oil to help balance your emotions

product image

Clary Sage

Helps ease the mind, enhances the mood and helps regulate periods.

Australian Sandalwood

Helps ease mental stress, lessens feelings of vulnerability  and fortifies the spirit.

Here are a few blends using these oils to try.

To even out moods related to PMS

4 drops Palmarosa
4 drops Lemon
2 drops of Neroli
4tsps of a carrier oil

Apply twice a day to your abdominal in clockwise strokes or vaporize.

To ease physical symptoms

2 drops of Juniper Berry
4 drops of Grapefruit
4 drops of Grapefuit
4 tsp of Carrier Oil

Apply twice a day to your abdominal in clockwise strokes

To regulate periods

4 drops Fennel
2 drops Rose Otto
4 drops of Bergamot
4 tsp of Carrier oil

Apply to abdomen twice daily

I have been using this blend that I made myself to help ease tension and pain

4 drops of Rosemary
4 drops of Palmarosa
1 drop of Cinnamon
4 tsp Carrier Oil

I then massage it in to my abdomen

Let me know if you try any of these and they help.

Thank you so much for joining me on our journey this week.


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