BlogHer Reviewers received VIP treatment from Estée Lauder during "America's Night to Repair"

July 23rd was America's Night to Repair—and it was a Night to Remember! Estée Lauder invited 11 BlogHers to attend a unique event at Macy's during the annual BlogHer convention in Chicago. These lucky women were given VIP treatment, including a complete makeover, a gift package of free samples, and more. The response was ecstatic, as you can read in each of the BlogHer reviews below:

Angella of Dutch Blitz enjoyed the Estée Lauder samples that she received, sharing, "... the eye shadow compact includes colors that suit me and the lipstick is actually quite similar to my regular color, but with a little extra depth and shimmer to it." 

Renée of Cutie Booty Cakes liked the way that the make-up artist at the Estée Lauder counter enhanced her make-up application with a few bolder colors. "If you are looking for a moment of pampering when you are out shopping at Macy's I suggest stopping by the Estée Lauder counter for a treat

Katie of Motherbumper was glad to have "make-up applied by someone who knew what they were doing (because I surely don't - no kidding) and was able try some of the Estée Lauder line... it was really nice to get the compliments on the eyes and lipstick

Karen of A Day in the Life... was fascinated to learn more about Estée Lauder "... a woman, a mother, an innovator and a real force to be reckoned with... the breadth and the quality of the products, the continual improvements and the longevity of the brand which never ceases to become tired." 

Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil knows some of you "are a little intimidated by going to a department store counter for advice. Let me tell you, DON'T BE... As an adult, I've started going for department store makeovers now every six months or so just to figure out the newest trends in makeup.

Ree of My Life as a Hotfessional enjoyed learning how Estée Lauder got her start, "She stood outside a department store for 8 hours trying to convince the store's buyer to allow her six inches of space for the original Youth-Dew product. How she wasn't allowed to give away samples so instead, dropped an entire bottle so that the beautiful Youth-Dew scent brought buyers running. " 

Sheila of Xiaolin Mama said, "The evening was fun, trying new makeup and learning about the serum that in all honesty has given my skin a new tighter, texture. I left looking great!"

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom was feeling adventurous and let the make-up artist have fun, "I'm usually very subtle about my makeup, but I had a few parties to go to that night. I have to say that I really loved the glammed up look and I think I can even recreate it based on the diagram she gave me to take home."

Busy Mom at enjoyed that, "The Estée Lauder counter offers a variety of services including make-up and skin care consultation, product recommendations and samples to help you achieve the look you want ...and they also offer a 2-minute touch-up to help you learn how to get a new look."

Cat of Wishbone Clover shares that because of her sensitive skin, "the big thing for me is getting to try a sample before I buy an expensive product ... I like that Estée Lauder is very generous with the samples, both in person and online. I'm willing to give something new a shot, but I like to date before I get married, if you know what I mean.

Amy of Binkytowne found, "it was really helpful to talk with an expert one on one about my skin tone and how to combine the products for the best effect... I can I can tell you, there was a whole lot of pretty ladies walking out of Macy's that night."  

You Can Get VIP Treatment Too, Every Day at Estée Lauder

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