Euphemisms and other mis-nomers

As I hunched over my toilet, vomiting till my guts practically catapulted out of my mouth...I repeated the phrase in my head, "I think I may have been "over-served."


That is what I call a euphemism. I was not "over-served". I drank to damn much and now I am paying the vomit.


I read the transcript. He was "goofing around". He admitted to showering with young, naked boys. Hugging them in the shower. Touching and stroking their legs but with no hint of any sexual overtone AT


This is what I call a misnomer. It is not "fooling around". It is Sexual Molestation of a minor


So let's get real here. I can go 'round and 'round discussing the "facts" in this vile case at Penn State. I can get mad. I will cry. Tears for the victims. Tears for the weakness in the guts of these storied men of football. Why is everyone so afraid of what "might" happen, instead of being SURE of what will and DID happen when everyone was quiet?


Grace wrote this quote in her journal yesterday,




Lea asked why she wrote that. Grace said, "Somebody hurt a young boy. No one told on the bad man. I am a good person, and I would and WILL, always do something!"


Lea said, "Is that why Mom keeps crying every time she tries to talk about this "thing"?"


If I did not believe in God. If I did not have one ounce of faith that the universe will do the work that needs to be done to heal these innocents...where ever would I be? I cannot fathom how harrowing it must have been. How painful it must BE for the parents of these boys. I so want to escort Sandusky to General Population at San Quentin, shut down the cameras, stow the weapons, and let the inmates have at him. Not a Christian wish. Not even a palatable vision. It is just a way to give myself some feeling of power in this completely powerless abyss that I find myself in.


Boyd wants to make an example of Sandusky. I try to tell him that it is such deep seated sicknesses that if we kill one then 10 more get to work filling the void. That is closer to the fact of our lives today.


I am not a new writer on this topic. I have preached from my desktop many times about crimes against our children. I am not a violent person. Guns scare me. Violence does too.

But hear me now...loud and clear...touch my child....kiss your perverted ass goodbye. I will crush you. Physically, emotionally, psychologically...and then I will facilitate your burning in hell.


I know people.

People who are doers. Not just talkers. Doers!


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