"The Eve Chronicles" is three novels in one, a fictionalized memoir about a woman's journey in Oregon

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"The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillers are three novels in one paperback book that are fictionalized memoir about a woman who leaves her midwest home to live in the wilderness of the Wallow Mountains in eastern Oregon where she works as a forester doing timber surveys with a group of mismatched foresters who move their camp as they make their way through the forests. "From the Waters of Coyote Springs" is a story about a woman who tries to find her place in the world.

The next book is "Felix and Eve" about how Eve now moves to Gold Beach Oregon to be a caregiver for the summer for Felix an elderly man who is recovering from bi-pass surgery. Both of them are from distictly different generations, Felix is set in his ways and Eve is a go with the flow counterculture woman who is moving up the coast in a free fall.  Felix who at first is a cantakerous fellow soon opens up to her telling her of his old life as an employee for the notorious gangster Al Capone during the days of prohibition in Chicago.

The third book "The Arrangement" is a reitred Eve, a baby boomer who lives in Eugene Oregon, now a retired nurse making her signature yellow pottery in her garage. Vinnie lives in her back yard in a yurt and is secretely in love with Eve but remains silent. Once a year they spend the weekend at the famous Oregon Country fair a hippy renaisaince fair, and then she is off to Catalina Island to spend time with a former lover.