Even Better the Second Night: The Passover Ha-Haggadah

For more than a decade, I’ve been hosting Passover seders with a twist: We laugh. Not that oppression and bondage and brick-shaping are particularly funny. But after years of arid ceremonies and pasty matzoh balls and the same old same old, I struck out with my own Passover haggadah, which I called the Ha-Haggadah. Besides, I’ve had mostly Reformish Jews, non-Jews, and kids around my table, and we needed some kind of “hook” to keep folks engaged. And these days, offering a Haggadah that invites you to bring your phones and tablets to the table keeps even more guests at the table (and awake).

Mind you, the Ha-Haggadah is not simply fun and games (although I have thrown in my own rousing game of Plague Charades every year or two). The (transliterated) Hebrew is ALL there. It is actually a true evolved and adapted Haggadah, with all of the steps of the Seder (meaning "order"), in order. You will truly fulfill the festival obligations, while having a lot more fun.

My Ha-Haggadah has evolved each year with timely updates and references. Hashtags, even. Just like in olden times! So if you are apprehensive about a seder in your near future, consider adding the Ha-Haggadah to the mix. It's a mitzvah!

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