Even Boobies Need Somewhere to Rest Sometimes...Right?

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[Editor's Note: There just has to be a home for post about weird stuff that has me in stitches. So I'm giving it one. Kelsey, congratulations, your hilarity inspired me to make up new and arbitrary rules. --Morgan]

The other day I was thinking… “My breasts are really exhausted. If only they could get a good night’s sleep. But they just don’t have a decent pillow.”

And then a boob fairy must have come down to sprinkle me with magical lactation dust because right there in my inbox was an email promoting Intimia, “The first ever pillow designed for your breasts.” And thank god there was a photo….

Courtesy of Intimia...and heaven.

Like you, I was immediately taken by the design. I just adore how it looks like a sanitary pad strapped to your neck.


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