Even Captain America needs his Mommy

Since childhood I have always LOVED Halloween.  This is bar none my most favorite time of year.  As a grown up this enthusiasm did not wane.  Becoming a Mom recharged it again to new heights.  It's so fun.  This year I have a super ninja and Captain America.  I am here to tell you that there is NOTHING cuter than superhero costumes with big, bulging, built in muscles on little boys' skinny little bodies.  Nothing!  Last year my oldest was spiderman and I could not get enough.  This year my youngest is Captain America.  Same deal.

I order early which means they have their costumes at least a month before the main event.  So they get worn around the house a lot.  Naturally, we purchased the required ninja sword and Captain America shield to complete this year's attire.  I'm telling you that going through my daily chores hearing that shield clatter off the floor as little man throws it while hi-yaing bad guys and posing dramatically with each throw is a source of tremendous enjoyment.  I challenge you to withhold your smile.  You can't.

So the other day our oldest was watching the Avengers DVD, inspiring little bro to get into character himself.  He kept running in the kitchen where I was cleaning up after lunch and announcing he's Captain America, and that he will hi-ya every bad guy and protect me.  I thank him, but remind him it's nearly nap time.  A very un-superhero-like whine erupts immediately, and he runs away.  A few minutes later he falls down, and comes in with tears needing Mommy to kiss the boo boo.  I perform my duty with love, and ask him if he's okay.  His reply?  "Yes, Mommy, I Captain Merica".  LOVE it.

So, nap time is now upon us.  I corall my daredevil superhero and inform him no more stalling, it's time to go up to bed.  Resigned to his fate, his back and shoulders now slouched, he grudgingly but obediantly trods over in defeat, shield still wielded on his enlarged muscled arm, fabric helmet still on with the little white wings sticking out on the sides.  Beyond adorable. 

At the stairs he begins to step up, then stops.  He lets out a big, exhausted sigh, and looks up so sweetly at me.  "Mommy, will you carry Captain Merica?" 

Even Captain 'Merica, exhausted from saving the world from evil, needs a nap and his Mommy's love.  Life is good.


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