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Several years ago my mother, brother and I took a trip to Mallorca off the coast of Spain. On their way from JFK to Madrid my mother and brother's luggage mysteriously disappeared. My brother's bag showed up at the resort a few days later and my mother's was gone forever and ever. Amen. A long with my favorite pair of sandals and her makeup.

This event put the fear of the Beauty Gods into me that has manifested into me being permanently attached to my carry-on luggage and those little 3oz containers and a stash of quart sized bags. I'm a Permanent Carry-On(er) and proud of it. I've developed a mean set of delts from hoisting my bag into the luggage space and a penchant for keeping my makeup close by and at the ready just in the event of an emergency. I know where the oxygen masks will come from but if I can't find the perfect match of foundation then there will be full blown panic in the friendly skies.

 I have this friend that still checks all of her makeup. She carries it in this massive train case and only carrying a tube of lipstick with her. When my mother lost her luggage somewhere over the Atlantic it was still when you could bring a Costco size bottle of Pantene for a four day trip and no one would care. But what if...What if you lose your makeup? My heart races at the thought of being stranded and fully blemished with nary a bit of concealer by my side. But this fear that I have has helped break me of my other fear of drugstore makeup.

Add the latter to the list of things that I cringe at the thought of: Clowns and having to purchase foundation from CVS. But the thing about fears is that at some point you must conquer them or at least attempt to conquer them knowing that your makeup is a) Just five miles away and b) Knowing that the person whose makeup drawer you're raiding might have some stuff stashed. But other than that onward to CVS on a test of what I would do if I actually lost my makeup.

I didn't buy any because I didn't need it since I found a stash of bronzer in my mom's (ok I was staying at my mom's sans makeup) drawer but I did notice that of all the brands available Revlon is the one with the best pickings. That's my biggest thing about purchasing drugstore makeup; I like having someone there to match my shades for me and in CVS or Target you have to rely on what it looks like in the bottle which is usually wrong but Revlon at least had a diverse range of foundation choices. Also as it pertains to packing, there is never any need to carry the entire bottle with you. That's insane and if you do that then you risk having it explode in your bag so I keep it in a little plastic jar type thing and I never use all that much anyway.

Blush: Dude, I hooked myself up with some Covergirl. I bought one of those blushes with three different shades for blending purposes and it worked out well in a pinch also - and don't tell the people at MAC but I think it might be my new favorite.

Lip color:
I went on a Neutrogena spending spree and bought a lovely lipstick type thing with SPF 20 and a sheer gloss with SPF 20 which is a combined SPF 40 which means that my lips will never fall off. Right? Right.  Also they were both in a red color that I loved because it meant that my eye makeup could be completely lacking since I was would be wearing oversized shades for the entire day. 

That was about as far as I needed to go and for a grand total of *drum roll* less than $20. The last time I bought foundation alone it was $26. I would say that this experience was a marked and cheaper improvement from most of my Sephora splurges and I was just as thrilled if not more. 

What are your favorite drugstore beauty buys? 

Real Simple has a great round up of budget beauty buys. And I feel like I should add that this isn't my first foray into drugstore makeup. I just don't do it often because I like knowing that something is easily returnable at Sephora or Nordstrom and that the people at CVS really don't care that you don't like the shade you received. 

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