Ever feel so happy you could cry? Mia's Inspirational Quotes

Feeling Too Happy?

Today is one of those days I feel so happy that I caught myself almost wanting to cry as that little thought crept into my mind: how long can this happiness last?

But then I remembered my truth.

Happiness doesn't mean that nothing goes wrong, that you don't experience heartbreak or loss, that you feel up and peppy and confident and prepared for everything in life all the time.

Happiness means you know deep in your heart and in the back of your mind, like a kind of cosmic braille that has been etched inside your soul where you have no sight - that the world is fundamentally a good place, that people are kind and love is true and abundance is the natural order, not blight.

It's the knowledge that as hard as life or people or circumstances might try, they can never extinguish the flame that lives inside of you.

It's yours alone, whether you believe it to come from a divine source or some other place.

You become its steward when you are born and it's passed into that next realm when you depart this life.

"You are the keeper of your own eternal flame - and that flame begins with your humanity, which fuels your love, which creates your happiness. Never forget this most important job - to let no one or nothing in this world reduce the power, light and strength of your eternal flame!"

Cheers, Mia



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