Ever Had a Mental Breakdown Day? Thank God for Prom Dresses.

My husband came home from work the other day and I had dinner on the table just for the two of us. He said, "What about the kids?"
I replied, "I'm not a big fan today."
He said, "I meant, what are they doing for dinner?"
"Oh." I replied honestly. "They already ate."
Well, I guess that sums up my day.

Now I don't even remember the day at all or why my kids were buggin.' But I am pretty sure it was an MBD (mental breakdown day). You know when kids cry over not wanting to wear a jacket when it is 45 degrees outside? And they fight about nothing and everything. "STOP IT ELIJAH! STOP BOVERING ME!"
"Elijah, what are you doing to your sister?"
Elijah (now crying) "MO-OM! I was just singing."
Or the other version is Elijah responding without crying but with a twinge of sarcastic evilness in his tone, "Mom, I was just singing." which really means - "I found out that my singing bugged my sister. So I just kept doing it. More and more. Because I like to bug her."  

And it is like this all day long. Thus, constituting an official MBD. Husbands might be called. Crying may take place. Questioning of your ability (or desire) to be a Mom likely ensues.

The other day my girlfriend, Heather, had one of these days. Her husband had been out of town (that always helps escalate the frequency and intensity of MBDs. Toss in a little sleep deprivation and you are golden. Good to go for that MBD). In her desperation, Heather called her husband on the way home from the airport and he realizes that she is in serious MBD mode. So Heather's husband called my husband, Shiloh, to coordinate a rescue operation. I overheard Shiloh talking to him, "I'll have Wendy get on her prom dress and meet Heather outside." Shiloh then fills me in on the state of affairs. I am to stop what I am doing (cleaning the kitchen) and take the night off with Heather. Fabulous. Me and Heather are going out for a low profile night to the chocolate cafe.

I put my prom dress. Fortunately it was stretchy. After 4 babies in 5 years ... 'nuff said.


 Heather picked me up (and felt underdressed) and laughed (my goal) and off we went... to Target (so much for low profile). I was the envy of all the Target shoppers. And I know this by the way they looked at me. Really. Forgotten was the MBD. Upon returning home we found our precious, innocent, angelic children nestled in their beds. Sleeping soundly as if they had not tortured us all day long. 

And I thanked God for stretchy prom dresses and new beginnings. For fresh starts with our children each and everyday. Because not everyday is a MBD. And because it really is such a blessing to be a Mom.



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