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This past Thanksgiving, my friends and I helped out at: Meals on Wheels. Where, the food was donated by: H.E.B. Through, this journey ,I’ve discovered, that the  exchange between the givers,  and the receivers changes.

It changes in away, that I never expected . Especially, during the first meal we delivered, to Ms. Ella. I never expected to have been, so overwhelmed, by her happiness of seeing us. That, I had to give her, a hug, from my heart.

 As her small and fragile frame, reached to hug me. I  knew  by the smile and joy on her face, that the feelings of appreciation was  mutual. This  type of gracious interaction, would  keep its momentum,  from all ten  people. Whom,  we gladly, delivered food to. I would highly recommend for anyone to do this.

Before, this experience , I use to give money. Which, is something I still do, when I can.  It’s,  through that need to help others, that, I wanted to do this. Also, I'am very low on funds. So, when a friend brought up the opportunity. I said, “yes!” Without a thought. Nor, the idea of how much our, presence was, just as fulfilling as the food we were giving. Also, on how, uplifting it would be  for, all of our souls.

 I don’t think, those we, delivered to, ever knew we had such feelings, too.That’s why I said, in the beginning, that the giver and receiver, changes. They give, to our hearts, a coat during a winter day. The sun, in the mist of , needing souls. They, also gave us, the food of their  humanity, as well. It’s because of those things, that I can’t wait to do it again! 

Plus it’s part of my, thank you list to God. which keeps growing. It a list,  of all the things I wanted to do, to share His grace, through Jesus Christ.

” Christianity isn’t about growing good — it’s about growing grace-filled. The grace we’ve received from the heart of God is the grace that extends our arms to the world. ~Ann Voskamp

Do, any of you have any places you donate to, and would like to share them with me? So, I may share it with others. Sometimes we may not money , or time to give. But, awareness  and a good study of an organization, is a great start!

Have a Blessed Holiday, Everyone! ~Leah Jlyn

 photo credit at: Writer in Progress on Wordpress

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