Every Little Thing She Does is Magic: A Love Letter to A

I've spent quite a few Valentine's Days in my short 29 years writing love letters to boys. Boys who quit me. Boys who broke my heart. Boys who were never worth the pen to the paper. 

This year, I'm writing to myself because, let's be real here, I honestly love ME more than all the stars in the sky (sorry Chris from the sixth grade. I take it back.)

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Dear A,

I love you.

Your light, your strength, your passion. Your overuse of chapstick and overindulgence of Starbucks chai lattes. Your incessant need to be on time, your lists and checklists and alarm reminders. Your self-diagnosed Puppy A.D.D., your not-so-slight obsession with the Eiffel Tower and jeggings, and your belief that pedicures are so necessary they should be free.

All of it. I love it all.  

I love that you look for adventure. The answer is always yes; the questions is always which shoes will take you there. I love that you aren't afraid of your dreams and that risk is more of an adventure than something that scares you. You've done nothing ordinary. In fact, if it was ordinary, it wasn't for you. No good story starts with, "That one night, when I stayed home to watch Grey's Anatomy..." Amiright!?

I love that you never pass up the opportunity to play dress up, to dance on tables, or sing along to the music. It's the little things that eventually become the big things. It's the strangers that eventually become your people. You don't know how to have a good time unless everyone around you is having that same good time. Excuse me? I'm sorry. You're NOT having any fun? Cue some Justin Timberlake and clear the table because this... is... HAPPENING!!

I love that you believe in magic, miracles, angels, fairy dust, love at first sight, and even aliens.

I love that you can take the first step without seeing whole staircase. (Yeah, yeah. A bit cliche, but what's a love letter without cliche, right!?) That's faith. That's trust. That's empowering. New Orleans was definitely the best decision you've ever made. I mean, you packed up your car, drove 18 hours to a city you'd never even visited, and made yourself a promise to stick it out - all because a friend wanted you for a visit. You're ballsy. You're daring. You're pretty badass if you ask me. Now, you're in love with yourself. I think you have your city to thank for that. 

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I love that you trust your gut, you follow your heart, and you tell your head to stay out of it!!

I love that you've learned to find forgiveness both for others, but especially, for yourself. You realize that holding onto to anger is like holding onto fire - it only hurts you. Light is better shared when it's beamed - even if it's impossible for you to get a tan!!

I love that simple things make you happy. Good company, good conversation, good wine = the best night ever. Hands down.

I love that you fully embrace YOLO. Okay, so the term was never actually "cool" and people still look at you funny when you throw your hands up after being asked a question and shout it as your answer. Whatever. Understanding that you only live once is something some people never get. You do. I admire that. And I think it's very cool.

I love that you love to travel! It's been said that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I've seen your destination bucket list. You are only going to be the richest person I know, my friend!! 

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I love that you recognize fear as an opportunity to turn darkness into light, crossed arms into hugs, and pierced lips into laughter. You emphasize that now is better than yesterday and tomorrow, to be thankful for your past, and be patient for your future. 

I love that you want to face you fears. Remember that one time you decided that taking a 3 hour tandem canoe ride on some desolate river in middle-of-nowhere Florida was the best way to get over your fear of dark water? Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh... It didn't cure you of your insanely silly aversion to any body of water besides a baby pool but high five for trying!!  

I love that you learn from your mistakes. I love that you see the silver lining in every single dark cloud. You know good advice and follow it when absolutely necessary but you prefer to learn through all of your decisions. I love that you aren't afraid to fail because it only means you'll have a chance to do it better next time. How else will you build your empire? You can't do it on someone else's sand!!

I love that you dance. Okay, so the reality show didn't work out. Neither did dancing for Disney. You never gave it up, even when they said you shouldn't. You've held a passion for almost as long as you've been alive. Most people can't finish a good book they start. You danced. You saw the world while you danced. You made people smile. You made people laugh. You made people appreciate. Although it's not the center of your world anymore, I still consider you a real-life Tinkerbell: without applause, you'll die. 

I love that you embrace new and chase change. I love that your passions keep evolving and growing and branching out. If you keep up this zest for something beyond your comfort zone I have no doubt you will reach everything you desire. If you don't, at least you've had one hell of a party to get there!!

I love that you have finally embraced your giggle snort. It's adorable. Somehow it makes you irresistible. Never saw that coming, did ya? Snort away, A. Snort away.

I love that you understand when it's time to give up and when it's time to rebuild. I love that you stand for your convictions but can always see both sides. I love that you won't back down when fighting for what's right but can always admit when you're wrong. 

I love that you never gave up on love. With your track record of the crazies, the cheaters, the liars, it seems like the easiest thing you could do. Most would. But you didn't. That's brave. That's utter courage to keep putting yourself out there, scar after scar. But you're a smart cookie. You know those scars are gentle reminders of how far you've come, how strong you've become, and how much love is worth it when you find it within yourself.

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So here's to you, my darling, A. Raise your chai latte, crank up the "SexyBack" and let's enjoy a Valentine's Day all about amazing you!

With nothing but love,


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