Every Working Mom's Wish

When you get the call that your baby girl has plunged down an entire
flight of stairs, you are not in your office just around the corner,
100 steps from home, where you have strategically arranged to be on
most working days.  You are inevitably working across town or even
across the country, and undoubtedly meeting with a new client.

You may not recognize the distraught voice on the other end of the
phone, but it is your husband or babysitter, still trembling from
witnessing the fall in slow motion.  You quickly assess the situation
and give instructions in a clear and decisive  manner.  The calmness of
your voice is reassuring to the receiver, but it is foreign to you. 
“Meet you at the hospital,” and then you make a run for it.

It is rush hour and driving is not an option.  You run for the tram,
and miss it.  Pushing through the rush hour crowd at Central Station,
you find yourself sitting on a train that is standing still, inevitably
delayed.  Your new mobile phone is flashing low battery, so you
conserve power and wait for news.  You forget that you were too busy
all day to eat, your stomach is tied in knots.

You don’t think it would have been different had been
there, you know it could have happened on your watch.  But, you need to
be there now.  Your only wish is the wish of every Working Mom who
tries to do the impossible every day; to be in multiple places at
once.  We wish that we could fly!

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