Everyday Should Be Thanksgiving

No, not because of the turkey, football, drinking, laughing and shopping. Because many of us travel to be surrounded by people we love, using the one day to celebrate is so special. But why not take a minute everydayto realize how thankful you really are, how many wonderful elements you have in your life?

What am I thankful for?

Getting six days off work to go to Atlanta with my siblings, spend a day with my best friend in Massachusetts, and go shopping when everyone else is back at work on Monday and Tuesday. Muahahahahaha. I nearly fell over when I saw I had Thursday-Saturday off, then I nearly passed out when I saw I had Sunday-Tuesday off. Planning on lots of sleeping, bargain-hunting and enjoying my family's company. My hands are shaking with giddiness as I'm writing this.

A job that I love. I really do have to pinch myself sometimes. Like here. And here.

The best Thanksgiving football slate that I can ever remember. I am thrilled that the flights of my brother, sister and I all arrive before 11am, so we can get to our dinner destination in time for football and to help cook. I am personally the most excited for the Har-Bowl on Thursday night.

My amazing extended family, who never fail to amaze me with their kindness and generosity. My mom's friends in Connecticut (who have become my own) and my close friends have been heaven-sent the past two months and the whole year.

New opportunities, new friends, and new things I want to learn. A slew of new production assistants have started lately, and I've loved being able to teach them some of the basics. I'm stepping out more (strangely enough, I go out more in the fall/winter months, go figure) and meeting amazing new people. I have some cool new projects at work which should be awesomely challenging, and, fingers crossed, I'll be working on College GameDay in January ::squeals in excitement and nervousness::

Did I say football already? Oh, I did? Well, there's more great pigskin action on Friday with Arkansas-LSU, and I will hopefully be in attendance when Georgia takes on Georgia Tech in Atlanta on Saturday.

Being situated near two of the coolest cities on the planet. Being near New York and Boston really is a huge benefit to living in Connecticut. Plus...

All that Connecticut has to offer. Connecticut isn't too shabby either. I'm still getting around to exploring the state and all of its hidden gems. I love just driving around and finding new places to visit.

Rob Gronkowski. My second-favorite Patriot is having an All-Pro season, being an animal, saying adorably stupid things, and being sassy. Not since #12 stepped on the scene have I fallen so head-over-heels for a Patriot. Let the good times roll, Gronk.

College basketball season. My excitement is heightened by my potential new work assignment, and the fact that Syracuse has come out the gate guns blazing. There's already been some buzzer beaters, upsets and fantastic games, and conference play hasn't even started yet.

Feeling awesome about just about everything in my life.

What are you thankful for? Big things and little things, it's cool to realize just how fortunate you are.


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