4 Everyday Expenses to Cut From Your Business’ Budget This Summer

For a lot of entrepreneurs, summertime can easily become a season to coast through, riding on the success of your winter and spring sales. It can also be easy to keep up your business’s spending habits, even if sales aren't at their highest, and find yourself in some serious summer debt, if you aren't careful. Keep it at bay with these budget-friendly tips!

Skip The Latte

On those hot, humid mornings that reach 80 degrees by 9:00 am, the iced latte craving is a force to be reckoned with. But the question here is do you really need to buying a latte five days a week, every week? That's about $5 per latte which amounts to $100 a month spent at Starbucks that could instead be going back to your business! Cut back by utilizing the office Keurig instead, and make an extra pot of coffee to put in the refrigerator over ice. Add some milk and flavored syrup, and voila, you have yourself a much cheaper morning treat!

Set an Office Temperature

Too cold? Not cold enough? Find yourself twiddling with the Thermostat every twenty minutes because you don't know whether you're chilly or overheated? That gets pricey fast! Pick a comfortable set temperature for the entire office and stick to it. There will always be people that are too hot, and there will always be people that are too cold, but changing the temperature every hour to accommodate everyone will result in a huge electric bill for your company. Try your best to find a happy medium with a week trial period of trying out different temperatures each day. The day’s temperature everyone feels the most comfortable with is the winner!

Get Smart with Lunch

Just like with your morning latte, making your own lunch can save you over $100 a month if you eat out every day (maybe even more than that, actually!). Cut up some fruit and toss some greens together for a salad to keep in the break room fridge.

Additionally, if you have a lunch meeting with your team or  a potential partner, there's no need to travel an insane distance to go to a five-star restaurant either. Try suggesting a location within walking distance to hit up instead of driving. Enjoy the weather, get some exercise, and save on gas money!

Buy in bulk

Business credit card, I’d like you to meet my good friend, Costco. Costco, meet my business credit card. Buying in bulk matters when it comes to getting everything you need for your office at a much more affordable price. Office supplies, for example, can all be purchased now and will last you way into the fall and even the winter! If you don't already have a membership with a bulk warehouse club like Costco or Sam's, sign up today - your business's inventory will thank you for it!