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Everyday Treats

As a style writer, I'm always telling people that elegance is refusal.


(OK, I didn't come up with that; I think that was Coco Chanel.)


I love blank notebooks, but I'm always on the laptop. I like to think of my blog as my sketch pad, so that what I wanted it to look like. Like a blank canvas.  So I taught myself enough custom CSS (Thanks Typepad Knowledge Base!) to make the background look like a spiral notebook, designed the header, and added a navigation bar to keep me focused and help readers explore the site.


I also spent a ridiculous amount of time choosing the fonts -- for the header and the sidebar. For example, I liked the way the t's on the header look like if you took a bite out of them ("treats" -- get it?).


The pineapple is the same one I use on my stationery. I like things uncluttered. I like that the design reflects me.


It's a really simple design, but I'm might proud of it, because I did it all myself.