Girl in Translation: Everyone deserves an Annette

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Being the new kid is never easy. But throw in a language barrier and cultural differences and life just reached a new level of difficulty. Luckily, Kimberly Chang found someone in her class who didn’t care what she looked like or how she talked, but instantly thought of her as her best friend -- enter Annette Avery.

In Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok, Kimberly Chang and her mother have traveled to New York City from Hong Kong, in hopes that Kimberly will be given a better life then her mother had. After only a few days, they quickly realize that their life isn’t going to be as easy as they thought. So instead of running back home, they learn to make the best of whatever situation they are thrown. And who is by Kimberly’s side through it all -- Annette.

I adored the character of Annette because of her immediate kindness towards Kimberly. While the rest of the class made quick judgments and teased Kimberly about everything she did/said, Annette looked past it all and just saw a friend. Growing up in the same town all my life, I recall the times when a new student was assigned to our class and you could just see the nervousness in their eyes and to know that there was someone who welcomed Kimberly had to ease her uneasiness just a little.

I flew through this book in a matter of days because I couldn’t wait to see where Kimberly’s new life would take her and I hung on to the fact that Annette was by her side through the good and the bad, always cheering her on!

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