Is Everyone on Instagram Without Me?



So, I think I might be the only person left who doesn't have an instagram.  I've come to this conclusion based on an eleven year-old child asking me what my instagram name is.  At her suggestion that I get one, I then had to explain that my phone doesn't take pictures or connect to the internet.  It is, however, very handy for texting, calling, and keeping the time.  

I'm not too concerned about being out of the loop with the elementary/middle school set, but obviously, if instagram has made it to them, it's a pretty big deal.  Even though I don't have instagram, I do know what it is.  I see plenty of instagram pics from my facebook friends, and I'm pretty certain that I show up in several.  I'm still the girl who pulls out her camera rather than her phone when she wants to take a picture though.  

On the bright side, this means that everyone I know isn't subjected to a constant picture stream of my life.  They don't see what I have for breakfast, my adorably cute shoes, the book I'm currently reading, random signs I saw while walking down the street, or anything like that.

On the down side, I can't easily snap a photo and put it on my blog without pulling out my camera, taking the picture, finding my computer, uploading it, and then adding it to my blog.  Given the popularity of pinterest, interesting pictures seem to be increasingly important for gaining new blog traffic, and instagram might be helpful for that.

I have no itention of getting a new phone until my old one breaks though which it doesn't seem likely do any time soon.  Even though it's three years old, my phone is holding out pretty well.  I see facebook statuses every week about someone's iphone breaking, but I could probably throw my phone out the window without it getting much more than a scratch.

Any other bloggers out there who like me are less than current on their tech devices?  What do you do to make up for it?



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